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Initially, before the development of industries together with the human activities, the surrounding climatic condition was quite impressive and had minimum possibilities of experiencing climatic change (Doran, 88). Later on when people living across different regions in the world realized that they only had an option of carrying out certain activities in order to meet their daily needs, that is when the surrounding environment started to be affected negatively thus contributing towards the occurrence of climatic change. Industries too started to release some of the harmful gasses into the atmosphere that contributed towards an increased rate of greenhouse gasses. These gasses play a crucial role in climatic change across large regions most so around the areas where they are being released. There are quite a number of concerns that have been raised by various organizations and individuals regarding the effects of climatic change.

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On the other hand, the lives of various individuals have also been put at risk since they are being subjected under harsh climatic conditions that are not capable of supporting their daily activities. Major causes of climatic change Aforementioned, climatic change is a phenomenon that is not just occurring on its own but instead it is caused by various forms of activities that are being implemented within the surrounding environment on a daily basis. The major causes of climatic change have posed many threats to most of the current and future operations leaving behind a lot of questions in the minds of various researchers and relevant environmental management organizations. The following are some of the major causes towards this menace; • The Influence of various humans living in different parts of the world: It is much clear that humans have been the major influence towards climatic change ever since the beginning of industrial revolution.

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From that time, the average temperature of the whole world is known to have scaled up by an approximation of 0. One of the major effects that has come on board as a result of climatic change is the emergence of unpredictable weather conditions across large regions that has made it difficult for various people to carry out their operations most so the farmers who intend to have a wide knowledge in weather seasons (Doran, 194). On the other hand, it has led to the extinction of certain plants and animals as a result of adverse weather conditions that are not capable of supporting their survival anymore. This extinction of plants and animals is one of the worst effects so far since its impact to nature is so vital that when not taken care of, the life of the future generation might end up being affected towards the negative side.

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