Effects of Divorce on Children

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Each year, almost fifty percent of all marriages will end up in divorce and within this time over two million children are newly introduced to their parent’s separation (Monthly Vital Statistic Report). The couples that are involved in deciding to take this action have their various reasons for doing so (Reed, Mallory & Trent, p. With this, many musicians have been featuring divorce as a factor in their famous songs in trying to demonstrate the subsequent effects. A good example is a song Wonderful, by Everclear which the artists use a tool in explaining how divorce has more devastating effects than the comforting ones. During this period of turmoil and high emotional intensity, the child is always forced to try to understand a complex series of events to restructure many expectations regarding themselves and the surroundings.

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N. p. Web. 6 Mar. This line explains how a child hopes for the best despite the challenge at hand. Through the line, “They say bad words, that made me want to cry,” (Everclear - Wonderful. " YouTube. N. p. Web. However, those who end up becoming victims if this emotional torture, end up having serious health issues among many other problems. Some of the health problems associated with the post effect of divorce on children are sleeping problems, defying guardians or teachers, drug and alcohol abuse, increased isolation from family as well as friends, thoughts of violence or even suicide, and frequent guilt (Donovan & Brooke, p. In connection to this, studies indicate that children who witness divorce of their parents are more prone to struggle socially than those brought up in intact families.

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Social struggles in this case are the social skills that these children lack characterized by coercive or aversive interaction styles which lead to rejection by their peers. The psychological issues that led to feeling lonely make these children become isolated from the society. 6 Mar. ) In other words, the artists explain the life of a child who misses having toys to play with like before when his or her parents separated. One of the probable reasons why this child could be lamenting in this manner is because the current economic status of the parent does not favor the possession of non-basic factors of life. Various studies also have indicated that economic challenge is another effect that is present in families that are divorced as compared to the complete families.

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Naturally, fathers are seen as the core providers of all the basic need required in the family. p. Web. 6 Mar. If a child keeps on thinking how to balance school work and home issues, then the probability of failing on both is quite high. By virtue that the kid does have enough knowledge on know how to prioritize one entity, dropping out of school is the next option. Children should be constantly comforted and made feel loved despite the divorce to avoid feelings of guilt that they are the cause. Works Cited Boring, Jesse L. , et al. "Children of divorce–coping with divorce: A randomized control trial of an online prevention program for youth experiencing parental divorce. " Journal of consulting and clinical psychology 83.

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