Effects of Grades and Money on Grading System Article Analysis

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This, according to Stephen, implies that money is paid for grades and learning. This relationship between money and grades in effect ensures that the grading system is purely aimed at covering the course syllabus contents as compared to gaining the knowledge contained in the syllabus contents. To support his argument, Stephen starts by describing the events that took place in 1970 when he was in college. He recalls that people made a clear point of not mentioning their grades a situation that is very different from the conduct of college students now. According to him, the students talk about their grades, gossip and complain about them. Grades and money by Steven Vogel and Kwame Anthony’s, “what is the point of college?” relates to my experiences in real life situations.

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Like the majority of other students from the various colleges, I was forced to believe that the most important thing in life was the college certificates. The certificates would be a basis for financial success in life no matter how they were achieved. It latter occurs to me that the general knowledge obtained, and not the grades should equip one with practical life skills and experience to improve the standards of living. Social and economic returns to college education in the United States Michael Hout researched Social and economic gains to college education in the United States. The political sociologists believe their explanation on learning that it reduces the narrow-mindedness and fanaticism levels are right. Education is thus not a bad thing since it encourages excellent results for persons, community and country.

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