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Homelessness does not choose whether a person is a youth, he, or she has a family and if they are single adults. Some of the effects that result from homelessness are as listed. Personal, health, abuses, family, business and the society based effects. The effects of the homelessness also vary and are felt differently by the communities, the homeless, and the business communities (Glendening & Shinn, 2016, p. Despite having many reasons why people are homeless, this paper is only going to touch on, poverty, domestic violence and personal choice. Domestic violence is another cause of homelessness. This disorder involves the many occasions where children, women and some men who are physically, mentally and emotionally abused. Families where the parents go to war on many occasions always leave one of them homeless (Glendening & Shinn, 2016, p.

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This violence may be due to several domestic reasons, but still, it results into homelessness. Some people can also choose to go homeless. This is because the homeless are always exposed to unsanitary living conditions and on many occasions feed on unhealthy food. Common health problems among the homeless are leg ulcers, respiratory infections, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and HIV/AIDS among others. Homeless children lack the stability in their schooling leading to the adverse effects on their academic performance. Kids who are vagrant also experience hunger, deprived mental and physical well-being and missed educational opportunities. Homelessness results from many street children and high rate of insecurity in the cities. Page, T. , & Nooe, R. M. Life experiences and vulnerabilities of homeless women: A comparison of women unaccompanied versus accompanied by minor children, and correlates with children's emotional distress.

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