Effects of social media use on cultural identities

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The society has influenced the way in which people think and the way they behave. The society shapes the way in which people should believe and how they should handle their lives through identification with the cultural beliefs and values. However, despite this stereotype, people have a right not to agree with the stereotypical beliefs. Technology has continued advancing and people have embraced its application in different activities. The use of technology has facilitated the use of social media all over the world. The authors explain that social media presents the male gender as people whose aim is to succeed in their lives through different methods. For example, male professionals occupy most of the powerful positions in society because gender discrimination and inequality have remained in society (Schwartz, 1647).

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Males have dominated the society and this is one of the reasons why women activities have come up with strategies of fighting for the rights of the female gender. The society has identified with the current same-sex marriages which has given the gay men an opportunity to intermarry and enjoy their marriages. However, the white race is seen as dominant in the society when compared to the black men. Retrieved from https://digscholarship. unco. edu/cgi/viewcontent. cgi?article=1399&context=dissertations The author states that the community has developed a new sense of self-identity and most of the people have taken features from different cultural groups and developed a global culture. However, the male gender tends to remain dominant in most parts of the world because they have better opportunities when compared to the female gender.

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