Effects of Technology on Children

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Technology impacts are felt almost everywhere in the world. Technology means using techniques, tools, materials and sources of power to make our lives easier, pleasant as well as more productive. Compared to science, technology makes things happen while science is more concerned with trying to know why things happen. Technology is welcomed in our lives, but we should know that it has its concerns and praises. The children of today have no choice but to be influenced by the impacts of technology every day as they grow. The main parts of technology that affect the children are computers, video games and television or media. These technological gadgets have both positive and negative effects on the children, and they need to be checked now and then. Positive Impacts of Technology on Children 1. It Improves Language skills. When children are directed on the best way of using computers or televisions, they can significantly develop their communication skills. “There is a lot of material online that children can use to develop their language, they can read eBooks or make use of the many online stories that are posted every day. In this way, the children can learn new words that can help in enriching their level of vocabulary, and also they are able to learn how to pronounce them well online” (Ballou 98). There are technology development devices that have been developed; these technologies offer multisensory engagement. When these are combined, they provide a better way of learning, and this is more convenient when compared to the old days when there was no technology.

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Parents can guide their children on how to use computers in multiple ways to ensure that the language of the child is of high quality. Enhanced Hand-eye Coordination Many engaging applications have been developed and installed in computers, tablets and phones. All these can help in improving hand-eye coordination of the children; they do this when children follow some moving objects on the screen visually, they are also able to participate in the activity presented by the application. This is an instrumental skill for small children because it helps them learn how to coordinate their eyes with their hands and eyes when they are writing or drawing. Broaden The Mind Before the introduction of modern technology or the internet, children knew the things that their parents, teachers taught them or learned from friends and relatives.

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Today, children can access vast streams of information through the internet. They can also form online groups with their classmates and even talk to their teachers online. Helpful to Disabled Children or those with Learning Problems. Some children are slow in learning, while others have various setbacks that makes learning hard. The internet or technology has come up with programs to help them improve; some games have been developed to improve on the attention of the children who are hyperactive. Other programs are helpful to children with special educational needs. and their attention can go down drastically. When students integrate computer learning in their schedule, they are more interested in learning. Teachers should use computers or online discussions to bring some excitement into the class. It Improves Visual Attention. Gaming equips children with more abilities to concentrate on something; this is learned when you find a kid is very attentive while playing a game thinking about the next move.

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They are likely to adopt a life of living alone without real friends; this could lead to stress and fear of the real world. It is estimated that about 40% of children in America have access to a computer, most of these kids are encouraged by their parents to use these computers on a frequent basis. The Cyberbullying Trap. Cyberbullying has become very common today with the developing world of the internet. “This is very dangerous to the children; this is because they are likely to be harassed online by their friends or even strangers. Parent-Child Attachment at Stake The relationship created when a parent touches, speaks or plays with their children creates an emotional bonding between them. If the children spend most of their time with computers and smart-phones, their neural pathways change, and this adversely affects their concentration, self-esteem and emotional attachment.

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Slow Reflexes Most of the young people today are very much indulged in texting and messaging online, this form of communication cannot replace face-to-face interaction. Children who are very much used to communicating online show slow reflex when it comes to personal interaction. Obesity Issues When children are interested in playing only online games, they are less likely to engage in outdoor games that involve their physical body. CONCLUSION It is not a secret that technology has brought so many good things in our lives, children have a lot to gain from modern technology, their lives can be better if they make good use of this technology. Despite the good things brought by technology, we are likely going to have more disadvantages than advantages if the children overuse or misuse technology.

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Many dangers come with technology; it is vital that the children are regulated on how they use the computers, smartphones and other technical materials. The teachers, parents and other grown-ups should teach children how to use the internet and other electronic devices responsibly. Internet access can also be encrypted to regulate what materials the children can access online. The social life of things. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. Print. Arquilla, John and David F. In Athena’s Camp: Preparing for Conflict in The Information Age. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Print. Basalla, George. The Evolution of Technology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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