Effects of Technology on Interpersonal Communication

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Technology has become an integral part of communication replacing the face-to-face interaction. The research paper intends to explain how technology has affected interpersonal communication. It also aims to highlight how communication has evolved and how people have played a crucial role in facilitating technological evolution. The paper will also analyze various social media websites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram on how they operate and their effectiveness. The present research paper also intends to provide possible advancement of technology in the field of communication. Another advantage is that written communication provides evidence for future retrieval thus useful in formal settings like offices and businesses. Verbal communication involves sending and receiving information through words of mouth. A significant advantage of verbal communication is that it is fast and saves time.

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It is also fast to receive feedback once delivered. Interpersonal communication is crucial in developing other life skills. Other reasons as to why people communicate are to develop social relationships and etiquette. Changes in communication overtime Communication has changed a lot over the years. The advancement of technology has greatly influenced these changes. Communication has evolved from the basic technology involving sending of letters to touching on mobile gadgets to create, send and receive information (Goswami & Singh, 2015). Communication has been gradually changing in that individual born in 19000's might have a different interpretation of what communication is today. The youths in the 21st century can quickly get information on what is happening in various parts of the world and make friends with people in multiple countries through social media (Lengacher, 2015).

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The youth from the earlier generation could not easily get information on what was happening in other parts of the worlds since social media did not exist. Technology, social media, and the web Technology in the form of the internet has revolutionized communication through social media websites such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Social media is commonly used as a platform where people get to discuss trending news, share pictures and videos as well as making friends with new people (ODEK, 2013). Social media websites especially dating sites have commonly been used as platforms for searching for a soulmate. Teenagers also use social media as a means of looking for their soulmates and making new friends with people across the world.

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Impacts of technology on interpersonal communication Technology has contributed to both positive and negative effects on interpersonal communication. One of the positive effects of technology is that it has made the communication to be cheap, reliable and faster. Another positive impact of technology on communication is that it has made it possible to send a single message to a broad audience using social media websites. Technology has revolutionized trade through online marketing and e-commerce. Another way is for parents to regulate their children access to the internet and ensure they do not access adult contents. Another method is to advise the youth to control how they use the social media and avoid posting information and pictures that might land them in trouble.

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