Effects of Virtual Reality on Racing

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It can be described as a simulation of the real or imagined world that is experienced visually in the form of a three-dimensional width, depth, and height. Through VR, people get to visualize images, manipulate them then interact with the personal computers. This is made possible through the help of software and hardware systems, presenting the images to users as though the events were real. It helps humans in visualizing, interacting with and handling complex data. While it is a fact that virtual reality has derived most of its fame from the entertainment and gaming industry in recent times, this is sadly the reason most people overlook the other more beneficial uses of the same. The latest exhibition of the virtual reality is in the virtual desktop reality.

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Some call the VR by such names as non-immersive VR or the Window on World (O'Brien, 2016). With the proliferation of the virtual desktop reality, technology has made way for the development of many applications. Most of these applications are non-immersive and are far less expensive. Moreover, the applications are technically daunting; a fact that has made the inventions to set inroads into the industrial development and training. A computer workstation refers to the high-end microcomputers that are designed for scientific or technical applications and are intended for a single user at a time. The workstations are designed such that they are connected to a local network but run multi-user operating systems. The term has also been used elsewhere to mean the mainframe terminal computers or the personal computers connected to a specified network (Merchant et al.

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The workstations are known to offer higher performance compared to the personal computers, particularly when it comes to the CPUs and graphics, the multitasking capacity and the memory capacity. The workstations are customized such that their visualization and manipulation aspects can reveal the different types of complex data like engineering simulation, 3D mechanical designs, and animations, rendering of images and the mathematical plots. Most importantly, the technology has made it possible for the trainers or learners of the race to do so at no costs save for internet fees. Racers are of the idea that VR is not similar to R. To support this claim, no simulator is known to match the feeling of the G-forces as well as the blast of the wind in an individual’s face plus the knowledge that crashing the motor on a wall is hurting and detrimental to both the body and the wallet.

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Nonetheless, modern racing simulation is the first cut from several hundreds of thousands of upcoming and aspiring racers to the handful aspirant racers with the right skills of a real-world test drive. Virtual reality has spawned and brought about new heights into the top-tier motor racing (Saha et al. An individual who uses Project CARS in preparing their actual racing is known to have an advantage over the rest of the racers. This based on the fact that the virtual reality technology makes it possible for the racer to hone their skills safely to the exact point of winning the race with the help of Project CARS. It is worth noting that it is not only the aspiring gamers who make use of the simulators from the virtual reality but also the established professional racers.

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