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The aspect makes one believe something through external influence. Another instance where persuasion is evident is in politics. The players always aim at winning the votes of the mass by trying to convince them about their strategies. Therefore, the subject is of great importance in the livelihood of the people. There are some arguments that persuasion involves forcing someone to do something. Individuals process distinct stimuli differently hence having an impact on the behaviors and attitudes. The model explains that whenever a person is presented with information, he or she tends to elaborate it, which late leads to the change of attitude. There are two types of elaboration, low and high. The theory outlines that two lanes are involved with persuasion (Gass, 2013).

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The two founders say that central and peripheral are the routes of persuasion (Lo et al. There is evidence of high motivation under such instances. The message receivers are aware of what they expect hence spending more time deliberating the information. The design of the message is a crucial component to achieve persuasion under central way (Cheng & Loi, 2014). The awareness of the users makes them analyze what is being communicated effectively. The audience would dig into the content to find any strength portrayed by the information. The audience does not care about the effectiveness of the message. Due to inadequate scrutiny, the users are likely to be distracted. It is because the message receivers are unaware of what they expect as they have minimal background information on the message.

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Real Life Example of the Application of Elaboration Likelihood Model To illustrate central route, assume Raul and Silva are classmates taking the same units. Both of them have decided to buy a television. On the part of the eBay, the issue of persuasion is a crucial aspect to them. There are many competitors out there with physical stores. The customers interact directly with the sellers who are knowledgeable. Therefore it is a challenge for the online store to convince the users to buy their products efficiently. The online platform provides detailed descriptions, sorting and searching functions to the users. It displays a big picture of the TV set hence no need for much information to capture the user’s attention. There are a lot of filtering options where one can view and select from a wide variety.

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It provides a faster way for individuals to arrive at the required product without further research and analysis. Such a strategy suits people who are not interested in a lot of information to make a purchase such as ratings. In our case, Silva appears to be a less motivated user. In the future, Silva will require more persuasion not to go to physical stores. eBay hopes that the visuals available would achieve the goal. Persuasion is associated with design and messaging (Gass, 2013). Distractions are an enemy to the aspect as it can quickly undermine it. There are instances where there is a lot of pop-ups and also if the page takes a long time to load.  Journal of Yasar University, 11(41), 45-47.

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