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The next phase is preparedness, plans, and procedures for containing damages from the disaster (for instance planning and training). Next stage is the response, where the preparedness plans are put into action. This phase includes fire fighting, searching for people and rescuing them, among other things. Finally, the recovery phase sets in and this are when the situations are brought back to normal ("Four Phases Of Disaster Management"). Q3 A community disaster plan is implemented by the local government officials in conjunction with the community’s trained disaster personnel ("Overview (Tutorial): The Incident Command System"). "Disaster Preparedness: 5 Key Components To Effective Emergency Management".  Healthcare Dive, 2019, https://www. healthcaredive. com/news/disaster-preparedness-5-key-components-to-effective-emergency-management/440672/. "Difference Between Natural And Man Made Disaster | Cause, Examples, Effect, Etc.

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