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This dish has been in our family culture for years. There are different reasons why pot roast with potatoes and asparagus is consumed in my family. One of the reasons why this dish is my family's favorite, is because this meal is easy to prepare and also has a fantastic flavor. Ingredients required to make a meal to serve four people include; 2 tablespoons virgin olive oil, 3 pounds beef chuck boneless pot roast, kosher Salk, freshly ground black pepper, two bay leaves, 2 cups dry red wine. There is also an inclusion of 1 cup low sodium chicken broth, 28 ounces crushed tomatoes, one tablespoon tomato paste, four cloves garlic which are ground and peeled, two large onions, peeled and cut into quarters, 1 pound asparagus trimmed at the bottom and 12 ounce potatoes.

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The meat is served warm with vegetables and the braising liquid used as the source. When this dish comes to mind, it reminds me of the rich culture in our bloodline which has been in existence for quite an extended period. Also, whenever I take this meal, the meal reminds me of home. Everyone in my family loved this meal a reason which made my mother to schedule this meal twice a week. I loved the fact that Pot roast with potatoes and asparagus was a one meal pot, was fun to cook and also was a comforting meal especially after a cold summer day. Ingredients which are a must include are beef chuck boneless roast pot, olive oil, salt and black pepper, onions and garlic, beef broth, asparagus, potatoes, tomatoes and bay leaves.

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This recipe can be made depending on the available ingredients or the choice of the cook. This is the main reason why pot roast with potatoes and asparagus has different flavors, aroma and taste. At home, my mother has developed her recipe which she uses to prepare for us pot roast with potatoes and asparagus. She has a unique way which she has learned through experience as a cook. With most of my family members being meat lovers, it has been a routine to make the meal at least once every week. After preparation, bay leaves and any other herbs which could have been used are removed from the pot. After a nine hour and fifteen minutes duration, the meal is ready to be served and should be served warm.

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Pot roast with potatoes and asparagus is a perfect meal, which is more often prepared during the day and served for dinner. In addition, is a timeless classic dinner which everyone should be familiar with. These leaves have different flavors and it depends on the needs of the cook. Bay leaves have rich chemical constituents which make them to be very important in the preparation of meals. These leaves contain essential oils (1. 3%) which improve its nutrient content. When fresh, these leaves have a sharp scent and a bitter taste. Due to her experience with the meal, grandmother was the best shot to help me understand the origins and significance of pot roast with potatoes and asparagus. Interview with my grandmother: She began by explaining how this meal came into existence.

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"To begin with, this meal has been consumed for centuries specifically in Europe. However, pot roast began appearing in cookbooks in the 19th century after European immigrants, i. e. Occasionally this meal was, and is still prepared when we have family gatherings and get together. Through the years, I have noticed that my family members have a mutual relationship between them whenever we share this meal in the same table. Also, pot roast has been a source of inspiration for new members of the family, as it serves as a stepping stone to understanding the past and present cultures of the family. This meal has been necessary because the local climate has sharp shifts with cold summers and hot winters. It is thus for this reason this family has a culture of eating this meal more often during the summers.

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This is important as they help to achieve more flavors and a delicious dinner cooked to perfection. Lastly, she explained the necessary directions to prepare this dish. Preparation of pot roast with potatoes and asparagus does not involve complicated directions but rather is among the simplest recipes to master. The meat is first seared until it is browned. Pot roast is then simmered in a mixture of sautéed onions, tomatoes and tomato paste and other herbs. The meal makes its consumers keep raving and begging for more. Each of the ingredients has its importance in the preparation of this dish and a combination of them all results in a mouthwatering aroma and a delicious meal. Bay leaves are included to bring out the menthol flavor.

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