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org, Kate Chopin International Society. www. katechopin. org/the-story-of-an-hour/. Accessed 26 Nov. "Kate Chopin's 'The Storm': Quick Summary and Analysis. " ThoughtCo, Nov. 27, 2017, thoughtco. com/the-storm-741514. This is a short love affair story with five characters. She’s happy that she has a break from her marriage. At the end of the storm, everyone is happy and contented with their lives. Champlin, Nikola. "Désirée’s Baby. " LitCharts. "A Pair of Silk Stockings. In: Kate Chopin: Complete Novels and Stories. Ed. Sandra M. Gilbert. Kissel, Adam ed. "Kate Chopin’s Short Stories “A Respectable Woman” Summary and Analysis. " GradeSaver, 21 February 2010 Web. 27 November 2017. It’s a story of a family that gets a visit from a friend. Kate Chopin, an American and the author of the book, "The Story of an Hour," engages her text in discussing the issue of feminism.

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Published in 1894, the aim of Kate was to elucidate and examine the reaction of Louise Mallard after her husband died. It is, however, difficult to address "The Story of an Hour" without examining the rhetoric nature posed therein. In Kate’s short stories one of the most dominant theme that’s seen across all the five stories is that of women and their character; how they try to seek their independence, discover themselves, seek freedom from their oppression as well as their immorality. In the story "The Storm" shows how Calixta is worried about her husband and their son just before the storm begins until her ex-lover shows up and they make love. Therefore, she looks forward to the days to come instead of dreading them.

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Again, The Story of an Hour demonstrates that independence is a leisure activity that can only be imagined when someone is alone. Upon hearing the news that her husband has died, Louise reacts with obvious grief, a reaction that is more violent than that of another woman, but it is an appropriate one. She realizes that being an independent woman is the only thing that would enliven and excite her. These are her private thoughts after feeling joyful. "The Story of an Hour" also talks about this woman Mrs. Mallard who's upon receiving the death news of her husband she's saddened and locks herself in a room and cries. Later, she heals from this feeling and now feels free and relieved.

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She finds happiness and freedom in her husband's death (Arima). Through her husband's death, she rediscovers herself and feels a different part of her that was initially buried inside by her marriage. Mrs. Baroda is an independent lady who is confined to her traditions that do not allow affairs for married people (Elfenbein). But at some point, she finds herself in a compromising situation, and she feels that she wants the freedom to explore and experience more than what she has wig her husband. She develops feelings for their visitor Gouvernail, but due to her status, she decides to hold back her feelings. It's clear that an affair with this visitor would have made her feel better and free than she does in her marriage.

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