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The OEM’s company, based on the model of customer services it is expected to reap significantly currently and in future due to their excellent customer relationships (Ruding, 2015). They are focused on creating a positive relationship with their customers who are the target for the market. The other segment on insurance companies is not customer based since they are mostly focused on the prices other than customer satisfaction. The companies are likely not to have more customers since they deal with customers based on the customers’ ability to achieve the price set. The services the companies offer, customers might view them not to having a tangible value if consumed, therefore, shying more customers away (Ruding, 2015). The consumer must describe what he/she requires to satisfy his needs and as well giving specifications of the product or services needed.

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The decision-making unit should do thorough research on end-user requirements to make a decision that well suits. The buyer searches for suppliers and settles for the one who offers what he/she needs to have in the meantime. The decision making is responsible for determining the prices for different products depending on the purchasing power of the buyers. Acquisition and proposal are made depending on the various suppliers found and receive quotations of costs on merchandise they are in need. In the buyer behavior analysis, two buying Criteria are applied at every stage of the buying process. In the specifications the criteria are on the performance of the product, it should be able to perform the task that it is purchased to do.

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The other criteria here is communicating with clients to know and understand their desires. On acquisition, the company should have a good history that assures customers, and they should also be operating on a stable basis currently to convince buyers that they can deliver what they require (Ruding, 2015). The buyer behavior analysis is based on two form of influences that are external and individual influences. The OEM’s and the insurance companies share the same industry that they offer their services and products to them. They are not competing in any way, but their service makes the transport industry a success. The first class corporation is trying to make a relationship with the education industry through providing the services and products needed in the education sector.

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Therefore the relationship spectrum in both the cases I that they help in making another sector a success. The first-hand corporation is giving services on consideration of the customer requirement thus developing a good relationship with the clients. Industry network First class cooperation targeting the private sector is much strategic since it will have its focus on only one area and will be able to give its best and provide quality and customized products. First Class Corporation is operating in the education sector through selling products that are used for academic purposes. The principal actors in the business are the first class corporation, the parents, the teachers and the students. The resources provided by the organization is the academic equipment such as bags, books and school uniforms among other educational tools as shown in the table below: Table1.

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