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The earthquake response plan for my family is centered on three areas; personal safety during the earthquake, plan of response after the earthquake and plan for communication during or after the earthquake. The family members we have practiced the drop, cover, hold response in case an earthquake strikes to ensure safety (Osha. gov, 2018). The family members have identified safe places in the family house rooms such areas as under the tables and sturdy where each one can be safe during the earthquake. In response, each family member has been taught and supplied with a flashlight and shoes which they can use during the earthquake. Another important role is to ensure that the medical response in the community is planned to meet the likely scales of need and beyond that may arise in case of a disaster.

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Plan for and train locals on basic first aid that they can assist during any disaster and share health messages on how people can ensure healthy behaviors post-disaster (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016). Personally, I have established a good rapport with the community and understand clearly my community and its neighborhoods well. I have a well-equipped emergency response first aid kit and smaller first aid kits which I share with the members of the community whom I teach simple basic first aid. I have established a good linkage with the local agencies such as the fire department and the local administration through whom disaster response is coordinated. Applications that can be used in disseminating information during a disaster include Facebook, Twitter, Individual Assistant PDA among others.

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If your family members are separated, where would you meet? If our family is separated in case of a disaster we would meet in a local church which we have identified as our meeting point. In case the church is inaccessible we have a second plan to meet at the local social center grounds. If your family needed to evacuate for several days, what would be needed for each person/ pet? Where will you keep supplies, and how will you access them when needed? List specific types of food, items, etc. Each person would need to have an adequate supply of water and some foods and medication for the family as well as basic first aid and treatments.  Focus on your own family and neighborhood (community).

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Disaster and emergency workers come into contact and encounter the brunt of a disaster. In most instances, the workers come face to face with maimed bodies, dying persons, injured, the mangled and go through the loss experienced due to the disaster such loss of personal property, separation from family among others. Although trained, the extent and individual responses differ in such high emotional instances (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2016). Psychological stress among disaster workers may manifest by increased anxiety, fear and post-traumatic disorders. In case of exposure one should ensure that they wash with water to remove radioactive material from their bodies (Ready. gov, 2017). It is advised not to look up to the fire ball in case of nuclear attack and that even in case one is far from the ground zero, lying down would be essential to avoid radioactive material from falling on the skin.

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