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The purpose 1. The purpose of this policy is to enhance, outline the details and define the relations between the school and the community 1. The School recognizes the community as an important stakeholder. This creates the need to state the interactions that the school has with the public and state any limitations accompanying these interactions. School and community relations 2. Schools can only provide holistic support, guidance, and services to students, parents, and staff only if they are an integral part of the society. Agencies can only the students through links with the school. Effective results can only be achieved by teaming and collaboration between the school and the society at large. Partnerships should be considered as ways to create connections between the school and the community. These partnerships may involve the use of school or neighborhood facilities, collaborative fundraising, and grant applications, mentoring and training from institutions and training expertise, volunteer exercises, information sharing and dissemination, networking, recognition and public relations, shared responsibility, implementation of programs and services and building a sense of community.

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The School prohibits weapons, drug use, dirty and obscene language within the school premises by anyone. The school permits active involvement and participation of the public in school activities. Members of institutions are allowed to offer talks to students, parents should be responsible for any student's behavior within or outside the school and any organization is free to make positive contributions through the school administration. The School is supposed to work hand in hand with members of the society to enhance discipline morals and ethics of the students within or outside the school premise. Any issue pertaining a student must be reported to the school administration. Objectives for the long-term goal • To determine what the community feels about the school and their expectations are. • To earn confidence, goodwill and respect form the society in its services and expertise teams.

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• To promote a genuine sense of cooperation and collaboration between the school and the community. Strategies to attain the objectives. The community is to be directly involved in activities that involve valuation and quality assessment of the school. Tactics to achieve each strategy The school could publicize through radios and TV the dates or amendment of dates for special events in school. Newsletters are to be sent to parents as students go for a holiday and some distributed to relevant organizations. Institutions shall be invited and given special requests to allow some of their professionals to preside over some school activities. Member of religious activities, peer counseling groups, officials from various governmental departments like the rehabilitation and crimes center to sensitize the students on various issues. Each first Friday of the month there will be forums for students to interact with mentors, professionals and counselors and the agendas of the meetings will be based on issues in the corporate world and global matters.

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Conclusion Dire consequences are to occur when any of the tactics is not appropriately implemented. If communication fails then everything crumbles. If the society, for instance, is not involved in the problem-solving prevalence of some of this issues is guaranteed. It is only through research that important information is gathered else the voice of the community will remain suppressed. If the community lacks respect for the schools then it is tragic because the students in those schools are their children. Regt, J.  P. Spector, S. World Bank.  Local and community driven development: Moving to scale in theory and practice.

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