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The increased misuse of the organizational property, breach of organizational security as well as leaking of critical information are some of the main reasons why employers monitor employee emails. Due to these risks as well as increased use of emails as a major communication channel, organizations have increased their need for monitoring employee emails despite being a controversial holamy761@yahoo. com Communication through the use of emails particularly in the workplace has become very popular and this is the major reason why emails should be monitored. Organizations with emailing systems make email communication to be less private (Weisband & Reinig 40-47). This is because email systems developed by organizations have memories that retain messages even after employees have deleted their emails hence making it easier for the management to monitor the emails despite high criticism.

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This is because managers have taken the advantage of these technological devices to benefit their organizations (Nord et al. Arguments for monitoring employee emails Increased employee productivity Monitoring employee emails reduces the time spent by the employee over the internet while sending personal messages to their friends. Organizations that have policies that promote employee email monitoring benefit through reducing the amount of time spent by the employees over the internet. When the employees within an organization are alert about monitoring of their emails by the organization, they tend to spend limited time over the internet thereby having sufficient time to concentrate on their job responsibilities. In some cases, non-work related emails can easily distract the employees from their routine responsibilities in the organization hence resulting into the poor performance of the employees as well as the whole organization (Jackson et al.

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Whenever the employees are aware their emails are monitored, they tend to disassociate themselves from such activities that are likely to be shameful to them. Through monitoring the employee emails, the confidentiality of an organization's information is enhanced since the openings that can leak confidential information are successfully eliminated. Workplace liability and employee safety The increased cases of employee misconduct as well as misuse of organization's property is also another major reason why employee's emails should be monitored. Occurrences of harassment (sexual harassment) through emails is not an uncommon occurrence in the contemporary era of technology. Several cases have been filed by employees against organizations for allowing their employees to pass through potentially offensive emails particularly those which contained sexually offensive images, racial and ethnic jokes (Alampay et al.

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