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The Red list published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) shows that about 21 percent of the entire mammal species are facing extinction. Extinction of species means that the organisms are unable to face and survive the challenges hindering reproduction to create more generations. A survey conducted by the American Museum of National History indicated that the threat of species extinction is more daring that the threat from changes in climate. Most scientists are of the opinion that mass species extinction and its impacts have for a long time been greatly underestimated and should be dealt with more seriously. There are various categories or grades of species endangerment. The black rhino of West Africa and the Baiji river dolphin were both declared extinct in the year 2006 (Hoffmann et al, 2011).

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The graphic below is provides a summary of the grades or categories given by the IUCN to group the level of threat of different animals on the globe. The IUCN Red List of Threatened species; after a long process of evaluation, species are placed into one of the categories. A worrying fact is that many of the endangered species are part of the food chain; therefore an extension of one species may be an end to another group (Harnik et al, 2012). A good example of this is the extension of the rainforests which are a major part of the world species. The approach is gaining high rate of adoption by advocacy groups and organizations such as the Nature Conservancy and the defense fund.

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Land owners and business persons who control vast of land are now taken as partners in the conservation works under the eco-pragmatism approach. This Benefit of the solution Shifting approach will focus on the large or entire ecosystems to benefit both the animal under extinction as well as the humans. This solution goes in line with the sage grouse conservation action that was undertaken during the Obama administration and according to experts the move helped not only save the greater sage grouse but hundreds of other species in the habitat. The proposed strategy was used to save the sage grouse bird and went a long way into forming a balance between economic interests of the birds. I believe that leaving behind a legacy for the generation to come will be a desirable value.

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