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The drug-related emergency department visits involve a wide range of situations related to drugs such as malicious poisoning, use of illicit drugs, extreme reaction to medications, suicide attempts and overmedication (Mattson, Albright, Yoon, & Council. The seven major circumstances most frequently addressed include the following: • Medications only • unlawful drugs with medications • Alcohol only • Medications and Alcohol • illegal drugs along with medications and alcohol • Alcohol with illegal drugs • Illicit drugs lone Concerning the statistics related to emergencies reported, the emergency department visits recorded in 2008 involved the use of some illicit combined with alcohol, these visits were about 26% of emergency department drug-related emergency department visits. The visits involved over the counter medication, illicit drug and medication as well as prescriptions. The number of visits to the emergency department in 2008 related to drug miss-use of drug abuse was 46% of the total number of emergency department visits during the same year.

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The emergency department visits with adverse experience with either over the counter medication or drug prescription were two thirds, with either the illicit drugs alone comprising of 25% while those with over the counter or drug prescription was 33%. Marijuana should remain in schedule 1 since it is an unsafe drug. However the weed lobby would wish people to think of marijuana as a safe drug, it is not healthy for human consumption considering that it medical doctors and psychologists confirm that it is addictive. Marijuana due to its addictive nature results into low motivation and lack of self-esteem among the users (Sturrock, et al. Chapter 4 There are various ways through which drugs could be administered in the body. The first one is oral administration.

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Chapter 5 The theories discussed in the chapter concerns coping with depression and stress. Depression I one of the prominent reasons why people turn to drug abuse and find themselves in addition. Based on this, the steps that could be taken to prevent an individual from being a drug abuser begins with family training, counseling and finally case management. The plan involves the application of efforts in altering family management practices; it could also involve building parental skills in general through training or instruction. Case management includes the application of a variety of monitoring and intervention activities in assisting families in need of the services. The (TSA) or Transportation Security Administration concerned with the protection of the Nation’s transport mode. It offers protection to ensure there is freedom of movement in the secure environment.

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And the last organ is The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CPB) which is a body concerned with immigration absorption from the INS service, customs service, department of agriculture and border patrol (Morel, 2013). Chapter 8 Federal penalties for drug trafficking include not less than five years and not less than 40 years for the first offence of trafficking schedule 11 and schedule I of cocaine and PCP. For the second offence for the same drugs, the offender is jailed not less than 10 years and not more than a life sentence with a fine of up to $4 million for individuals and $10 if not individuals. Chapter 10 Cocaine is a form of most dangerous stimulant that has a long history from 3000BC when the prehistoric Incas in the Andes used the fluids from the leaves of coca plant to race their hearts and speed up their inhalation pulses as a strategy to counteract the consequences of surviving in the thin air mountain.

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In another scenario, local Peruvians had a tendency of chewing coca leaves during ceremonies related to religion only. The first time when cocaine was squeezed from coca leaves was in 1859 which was performed by Albert Niemann who was a chemist. It was thereafter popularized in the medical community from the 1880s. cocaine is currently the most trafficked among the illicit drugs (Chauhan, Krishnan, & Heffner, 2004). The problem that the athlete faced is that the USADA does not allow infusions of permitted substances of volumes exceeding 100 millilitres within 24 hours without particular Therapeutic Use Exemption. It is important to consider that the medalist athlete was not suspended because he used illegal substance but used an IV to consume legal supplement. The Anti-Doping Agency could have not given him so many months away just because he was using the accepted substance (Belluz, 2018).

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Chapter 14 Benzodiazepines are anxiolytic drugs produced in the laboratory to prevent anxiety. However they are produced in large quantity, only a few are available commercially. Low amount of oxygen in the blood means that other organs including heart, lungs, brain among other vital organs receive an insufficient amount of oxygen to perform their daily functions in the body. Nicotine also causes the heart rate and blood pressure. Over time due to limited oxygen and increased heart rate, tear and wear occur in the cardiovascular system leading to heart attacks (Mojtaba, Akram, Reza, & Mostafa, 2018). Chapter 17 The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy considers tobacco, Opioid, and alcohol strains resources of law enforcement and treatment programs, therefore, the body allocates more funds to help in expanding current efforts across the Veterans Affairs and Department of Justice.

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