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Once this is done, the person is said to be a citizen of the country has therefore able to enjoy all the rights and the freedoms in the country. Doing the opposite of what the law dictates is called a crime. The criminal justice system, on the other hand, ensures that all the citizens of that country follow the law to the latter. Breaking the law may lead to the imprisonment of the accused or other actions might be taken against the victim depending on the seriousness of the committed crime. The judges and the lawyers involved in dealing with the crime of an individual also determine the punishment that the person will get. The women who are married in the foreign countries observe the application of this.

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Through the process of registration, specific considerations are done like the consideration of the history of the individual from the home country. This ensures that the individual is not registered in the state after committing some serious crimes like murder in the home country. Importance of the research on the immigrants It is good to know the kind of people who enter into another country by doing much of the investigations on the nature of the person. Carrying research on the immigrants, therefore, ensures that the security of the nation is upheld. The groups include the Semitic tribes, which immigrated from 3000 BC, the Indo-Europeans that immigrated from 2000 BC, the Indi-Europeans in Asia, which immigrated from 1800BC and many other groups. Criminal Justice Systems The criminal justice system, on the other hand, is a process that is guided by the set rules defining the kind of a penalty associated with a particular type of a crime.

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In some countries, this kind of a system is not available, like in the case of the United States in which there are individual systems. The jurisdiction that is in charge in each area determines how the criminal justice works. There are different agencies, laws and separate management of the criminal justice processes. The judges ensure that they make a follow up of what is happening in the court by mostly providing that the law be followed accordingly. In addition, they decide on the actions that should be taken on the crime offenders (Wesson, 2017). The prosecutors are involved in the prosecution process in that they represent the federal state in the court until the accused is sentenced. After a decision has been made in the court regarding the punishment of the accused, the prosecutors decide whether to the negotiate with the plea from the defenders.

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Their main duty is to question the witnesses as well as provide evidence in the court. The first thing to do is to report the matter. The Law enforcement officers receive the report from the witnesses, the victims or from the other parties who have any information regarding the crime. The officers them make investigations into the committed crime and seek for the evidence. If there is enough evidence, then the suspect is arrested. In this case, the officers may issue a citation informing the suspect that he/she should appear in the court at a specific date. In the US, Donald Trump states that the country was going to reduce the number of the immigrants into the country because they were believed to be the causes of the high rates of crimes and the wastage of resources.

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The crimes include the selling prohibited drugs in the country, which spoil the communities (Gutierrez & Kirk, 2017) Research does not support the claim that immigration increases the crime cases. It claims that the immigrants commit fewer crimes when compared to the born citizens in the country. Moreover, the number of crimes in the larger cities having a high population, in which there is a high number of the immigrants have a less number of crimes as compared to the cities having a high number of the population out of which the number of immigrants is less (Gutierrez & Kirk, 2017). Theories on the relationship between Immigration and Crime Some theories have been able to explain the relationships between immigration and the crimes as well as the impact on the criminal behaviour.

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The language, cultural beliefs, behaviours, and the values of the immigrants and their children change and adopt new ones. Crimes are likely to occur if there is lac of acculturation of the immigrants because they will have other ways of survival (Mehmood, et al. Victimization of the immigrants Research shows that the native-born citizens in a country are less victimized when they commit a crime than the immigrants. This happens because the immigrants lack resources and the knowledge required to cope with the situation (McDonald, 2018). The information on the victimization of the immigrants comes from different countries making it difficult to come up with its summary. , & Kirk, D. S. Silence speaks: the relationship between immigration and the underreporting of crime.  Crime & Delinquency, 63(8), 926-950.

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