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Being a man in today’s world is associated with a lot of responsibility. The driving need to make a meaningful contribute to the overall population can be nerve-wracking especially. This becomes even more so if you have not had good role models to help you learn the way of a man or guide you into healthy, productive manhood. If you have never seen what a man looks like. As we look for answers to the social ills in our world, it turns out to be evident that there is a central issue and men are at the center of the commotion (Haider, 2016). It is significant because it provides solutions to young men in the world. It will be important for others to learn some of the solutions and benefits of mentoring young males.

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There are men who are lost in criminal activities, drugs, and emotional bondages. Research Question This exploration of manhood, masculinity, and mentoring is guided by two central research questions. The first, how is manhood and masculinity defined and demonstrated in today’s society? The second, what are the benefits on mentoring on marginalized or underserved males? The research examines the main benefits of mentoring young men in the society. Finally, the third article by Price-Mitchel gives illustrations on the benefits of mentoring the youth. She observes that mentoring is essential in the positive development of the youth. The study participants were on the view that positive mentorship among males of all ages will go a long way in helping men overcome the daily challenges in life.

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This is especially due to the more responsibilities bestowed to men by society. The respondents were equally keen to point out that men are the leading victims of mental health problems. In the first place, there is a notion that masculinity is always a big privilege just like being white in the United States of America. It is imperative for Black men to create their own perception of Black masculinity in order to stop being misunderstood and mislabeled. ” The government and the society treat black men harshly in general. Police raids and searches target them more than the whites (Staples, 1982) Mentoring – Benefits of mentoring Mentoring is more of a system of a guidance that partially structured in which a person shares his knowledge, experience and skills with other people with an aim of a Most of the existing body of research has focused mostly on the importance of mentoring among young males, with few findings directed to mentoring adult males.

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However, even for those focusing on adult males, mentoring is associated with positive outcomes and is considered to be a thing that has continuously been practiced in the history of mankind, especially due to the societal roles bestowed upon men (Johnson, 2017). Structured mentoring activities will improve family and community participation by men ages 10 to 40 Methodology Because this is not a study involving actual human subjects, the only appropriate method available for use was review of the literature. To that end, I selected a total of four articles retrieved from relevant and scholarly databases such as Association of Science - Technology Centers and research gate. I conducted a meticulous review of the articles with a mindset of understanding all issues that surround mentorship among males.

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In the process of reviewing, I identified themes several themes including support, and Productivity, among others. Procedures The themes were coded and awarded points for the frequency with which they appeared in the literature. They require unique styles of mentoring. As a recommendation, it important for further research to be conducted on some of the ways of ensuring that mentoring black men is successful and easier. Program development and practice of mentorship is a chief way through which the males can become useful in the society. Conclusion The society has a wide perspective that males are abusive and rough. This is one of the reasons why men have lost their position in the society because they are not able to face certain problems in life.

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