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There were great influencers that enabled the movements to take its toll and gained significant popularity over history. The movement of art deco started in the year 1920s beginning in the arts industry and later transferred into the architecture industry best exemplifies the pop culture. Pop culture cannot be understood without looking at art deco movement. Pop culture has affected the physical world in a great way and its impact is still being witnessed today in history. It has reappeared in different pop art culture and is being used in different buildings and big structures in the world. There was no interconnection between what actually happened and the way in which the movement had been developed in such a style. It brought about different views and perspectives that later had to transform the manner in which different aspects had been undertaken (Sichel 90).

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The movement went through a series of transformation changing from one phase to the next. The series of events that took place were responsible in the manner in which all events took place. Art deco was a great movement that presented different key insights through which art could be understood. Some key components that were necessary for the effectiveness of the idea seemed to repel and contradict from the way in which issues unfolded. For instance, Germany and France immediately after the end of world war 1 had a different approach to art and architecture. The stylistic devices that they both had to incorporate were extremely distinct from each other and posed completely different ideas and ways through which the issues were to be understood.

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It should be noted that the German approached arts in a modernistic approach while France had a completely different device. Art deco had become a common and widely known concept that people took active parts in effectively understanding the processes and the way in which things were being done. The pop artists and different artistic styles found most of their motivations from the art deco movement. Its impact is beyond what is being experienced today and a lot of key aspects have been laid down for people to effectively understand some of the key proponents that have helped to change the society and the historical motivations to the different aspects that take place in human history. Works Cited Sichel, Jennifer. "‘Do you think Pop Art’s queer? ’Gene Swenson and Andy Warhol.

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