Essay on Race and Ethnicity

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Interactionist theory According to interactionist theory, it is a theory that tries to identify and study individuals on how they shape society and how the society shapes individuals through the provision of interaction, (Lyman, 1984). According to the expanded knowledge and provision of interactionist theory, it is that race as a component of individual identity and identity of other groups within the society helps in shaping the behavior and expression within the society. People of different races appear in the social interactions with different practices as well as different measures of interaction provoking a transfer of some of these practices to the other race. It is from such interaction of different races that people tend to behave in a certain manner as well as reflect their behavior and character in reference to such other practices.

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In the on the format of the theory, the race provides an avenue through which the behavior of people or groups of people gets nourished and be changed under the construct of interaction. Functionalist theory The functionalist theory is a theory that identifies the society being made up of different groups and which come together with the aim of maintaining the state of balance and social equilibrium, (Mooney, et. al. It means that all the different groups exist together in harmony to ensure there is a state of balance for the general welfare of the society. In its mandate on defining the role of race in the society, it provides that the existence of different races within the context of the society is a measure through which there are uniformity and combined efforts that ensure the society runs well and under a state of balance.

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