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However, landing clients who are able and willing to buy through walk-ins have not been easy because most people see items in social media and want to purchase them from there. This is very understandable because a lot of marketing is currently done on social media. what this does for such businesses is that the businesses market and make sales on social media platforms. PC World Solutions has since adapted to this system. The official website for the business is www. pcworld. co. uk (“pcworld”). Even though marketing is currently done on social media, the business has not adapted to this fully. Currently, Facebook is used to market the services to clients. Facebook is the basic social media used to carry out marketing because it so far has the highest number of social media users. Using Facebook gives the business a proper access to several people who are willing and able to buy (Heymann-Reder & Dorothea, 2014). The reason as to why this business took to this direction is because there are hard customers walking into the shops. However, once they learn about the availability of the business on Facebook, they find it easy to make their way and view the products. Some clients prefer deliveries while some prefer coming for the products they order on their own. For services such as maintenance, clients have to come with their computers and laptops to get assistance after making appointments with the technician who offers quality services. This opportunity is also used to show the clients who come in for services some of the products the business deals in.

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The official website of the company is the most used because the business keeps on updating the details they have on offer. The site is designed in such a way that it is nice to look at. It is also very easy to use as navigation is made easy with tabs all through. Sponsoring them allows the adverts to reach very many people around the world. Instagram provides potential customers who are likely to buy from the business. One trend that could be noticed through the use of Instagram is that some clients will be lured to just come and view the products available for sale. This may not be of great importance but it is good because it exposes the business furthest. There is a likelihood that people who come will inform other people who may also be interested.

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A post that targets adults for example is made at a time when people have come from work and are likely to be having time to use their social media platforms (Weinstein and McFarlane, 2017). Posts that are targeting the teenagers are also made when this group of people can best be found. The company business also takes acre of corporate companies who may be interested in giving tenders that including supplying and servicing their computers. This is a one-month plan that will ensure the business carries out marketing and sales on the various social media platforms. There may be included social media platforms that have not been discussed but this is still good for the business. Even expenses for marketing have been cut down due to social media. these platforms play a very big role in ensuring that consumers also get everything they need.

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Most people prefer buying items from the comforts of their homes then waiting for deliveries to be made. This is because of the marketing is done on social media. Every business should adapt to this system because it has made business transactions easy. In this manner, they get to entice people to view more and look forward to more of such posts. I also recommend that businesses take their clients who they meet through the various social media platforms serious because such clients may end up being not only clients but friends of the business for a very long time. Establishing such relationships is another way of ensuring that the good reputation of the busines lives on. Work Cited Heymann-Reder, D.  Social media marketing. and Solomon, M. R.  Social media marketing.

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Sage. Weinstein, A.

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