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Additionally, vacant lands have been once a limited sought-after resource which would not be used for urban development. The recent focus on the deteriorating conditions of the cities, studies show that this scenario has led to the shift concerning the use of vacant lots (Kelly, 2012). Vacant lots in many cities have become available as homes get razed following the subprime crisis of 2008, the decay of infrastructures, and closure of factories. The primary question that arises is what should these vacant slots be used for and to what end? After combining through the details of the vacant lots in my municipality, the city of Deerfield, Illinois, I have identified at least 25 vacant lots within the municipal, but I am interested in Castlewood Lane Deerfield, Illinois 60015.

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Castlewood Lane is set amongst a beautiful enclave of luxury homes in the heart of Deerfield city. Despite Deerfield Municipal is not involved in one-on-one in the development of the vacant lots in the neighborhood, it is subsidizing the cost of purchasing and developing the vacant lots of land. Kelly (2012) proposes several approaches to revitalization of vacant lots in urban areas and among them is critical partnerships, providing affordable housing, smart growth, and agency coordination and regulatory flexibility. In the case of Castlewood Lane Deerfield, the revitalization of this property may take two approaches. For instance, the lot may be revitalized through agency coordination and regulatory flexibility (Kelly, 2012). Deerfield municipal’s vacant property program may include several departments from the government and agencies with other to revitalize Castlewood Lane Deerfield.

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Hence, there is a need for the municipal to offer financial incentives which could attract the developers to revitalize Castlewood Lane Deerfield. Other than partnering, the municipal may provide coordination to the developing partners who require financing from several different public sources and private lenders to make these projects work. However, this approach may be time-consuming and expensive because each source of funding requires its unique package and sometimes with competing wants. Kelly (2012) says that such approaches to revitalization consume a lot of time and difficult to strike. Castlewood Lane Deerfield was initially occupied by city-owned foreclosed-properties which the municipal considered to be too expensive for renovation and as a result, a part of the properties were demolished leaving a section of the land vacant.

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Recent research shows that the majority of the parcels of land have been converted into residential and commercial real estates and as a result, most of the fruits that serve the city come from outside the city. Additionally, the problem of climate change has affected most agricultural land practices including the farming of fruits and vegetables for the region (Kelly, 2012). Castlewood Lane Deerfield’s proximity to the residential area around offers a promising market for establishing a vegetable garden that will produce fruits and vegetables to serve the region. Other than selling vegetables and fruits, this project will incorporate informative programs that will teach the young people on modern ways of turning idle land into good projects that can serve themselves as well as respond to the current challenges of global warming across the world.

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