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Voting on its part is that action in an election where an individual or people exercise their democratic right to elect a leader through a ballot process. It is generally the issue of a person or people choosing their leaders in an election through their votes. In Canada which is a democratic country, it is guided by the democratic process for the people to elect their leaders for a certain period of time. It is outlined well in the Canadian constitution that every citizen of Canada has a right to vote or that they are entitled to vote as part of their democratic right. The election and voting process in Canada is guided and controlled through a designated electoral body and which is mandated also to declare the winner from such an election.

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The population in Canada that is eligible to vote is mainly divided into three sections. The first section is the young youths from the age of 18-25 years, second group from age 26-35 years and the third group is those above 35 years. These groups have the eligibility and capability to vote in any election in the country. However, it has come out to attention that these age groups have led to the low voter turn-out experienced in Canada even with their entitlement to vote being provided. Given the different aspirations in these age groups, there has been low willingness and participation in the voting process. In most of the democratic guided nations and especially Canada, there has been a bad perception about political class elected by the citizens and their service to the people.

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The indication is that these political leaders who have large following from their backyards tend to provide services and workforce to mostly the majority populace of their areas and leaving out the minority. Such political doing acts to kill the morale of the minority group willingness to take part in any election. The feeling that their vote does not count to what will go on in the country and that they are discriminated from the leadership has rendered their option not to take part in the voting exercise, (Statistics Canada, 2015). It is prudent to establish that in a layman’s proportion that one cannot assume to participate in a role that they feel does not even require their voice or hand towards being determined or accomplished.

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They have made the people believe that their service is mainly driven by their own personal interest and not the interest of the people. The current composition of the Canadian political system has served to discourage the people from taking part in tis composition due to its provisions of an incompetent mandate, (Voter Turnout). The feeling by some people that the system does not serve them, they have lost faith and interest in knowing what will go on with the system. The revelation of lost interest is derived by the art of unclear and indecisive political gimmicks played to the citizens by the leaders after being elected. Specifically the youthful population, they have surrendered and lost interest in anything associated with political articulation such that they do not vote nor do they want to avail their candidature for political seats.

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Also health matters have resulted to some not turning up to vote during the exercise. Factors such as disability and ill health have been reported as the reason behind some people not taking part in the exercise. The health and work engagements have played out as crucial determiners as well as constraints towards the Canadians participation in the voting exercise. Lack of created awareness to the population and more specifically the youthful generation: It is the objective of every government to ensure that its citizens are informed and know certain concerns that surrounds their environment. Election being a fundamental and democratic right for every citizen of Canada ought to be communicated well and people advised to participate in the exercise. It happens such that those who did not vote for the leaders are forced to go as per the elected persons and not what they would have wanted since they never came out to vote.

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Secondly, the aspect of shying away from voting also introduces bad leadership in the country given that the majority might not come along to vote for the best candidate; and instead a more less-preferred candidate might be voted in by those who participated. The indication by this produces incompetent leaders in the country from the vote of majority votes cast. Thirdly, there develops injury to the democratic process in that even though the majority wins on that Election Day, it might have not been the real reflection of the majority eligible voter. According to reports it has been established that the government is hoping that soon it might launch a pilot project that it will use internet application to have people vote through the internet, (Ibbitson, 2017).

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