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org,” 2017)Putting a quotation in the quotation marks, providing correct information concerning the source, changing words and sentence structure, and coping limited words of the work with little dealing are the requirements of non-plagiarism. There are categories about plagiarism and these serves as the reasons behind plagiarism. Plagiarism has intangible and tangible effects. The critical impact of plagiarism is the destruction of decent reputation (“Avoiding Plagiarism,” n. d. In that way, students prefer to just see the keywords and change the vocabulary, so they do not make any fundamental change in their works, just try to deceive the readers. Besides that, some students plagiarize because of their grade concerns or time restricts. They prefer to plagiarize intentionally because it is an easy way.

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Wrong using of citation is also another reason behind intentional plagiarism. Coming out with a false source can be termed as citation problems. On the same point, they would always take it an easy thing not being in opposition to search and give the right idea needed. This would, in turn, give the instructors difficult time dealing with plagiarized work. In conclusion, plagiarisms is an activity that should not be encouraged in learning institutions as this does not come out with the real effort being put in by instructors. Learners and instructors should be in a position to understand the reasons behind this activity so that precaution can be taken. References Avoiding Plagiarism. edu/studentaffairs/academic-honesty/common-types. shtml What is Plagiarism? - Plagiarism.

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