Eurocentrism and Racial discrimination in Canada

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It makes European products or people seem superior and thus more dominant in every aspect of being in the world. Through Eurocentric ideologies, it has been determined that most European based countries portray themselves as the creator of history and the original people who had original ideas. Canada being a host to several European countries it has been able to be Eurocentric in most of its institutions including the media. The basic fact that cases Eurocentric kind of thought is the fact that most of the European countries had the favor of being civilized ahead of other worldwide countries. Reality is before other countries discovered civilization most of Europe was already civilized and thus creating of the euphoria that Europe was more developed than other continents (Shohat & Stam 2014).

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Eurocentrism has made Canada be more concerned about what is happening in Europe than even America its immediate neighbor. The basic reason why Eurocentrism thrives in Canada is that most of its residents are from Europe origin. Taking an example like that of Ontario where it is compulsory for one to learn and use French and English languages (Battiste 2013). In this case, one wonders why Algonquin is not used since the original people who were found in Canada spoke Algonquin. History also has it that for the past three thousand years the European have created a history that is pointed to the ancient Greeks. It is normal for Canada residents to view others as inferior because they are well developed and civilized.

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Canada is highly racial and because of Eurocentric attitude people of color are highly discriminated. Because of the high population of European residents, it is sad that the media can cover racial discrimination in the streets of Canada. Here the media portrays Europe as the center of the world and thus cannot cover other places of the world. Through the media, Eurocentrism has increased because it has made it easier for the world to notice what is happening in Europe than what is happening in other places. Media coverage about Canada is more related to Europe than how ancient Canada was in the past. The media also covers the discovery of Canada by Europeans and not the ancient people who used to live in Canada thus promoting Eurocentrism and ethnocentrism that means lack of tolerance of other cultures.

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The media and school system is more concerned with art and artist who are from Europe that it does not give a chance to other artists in the world. Because of advanced Eurocentrism racism in Canada is on the rise. It has been reported in the media that most Canadian’s would associate themselves with Europe rather than associate themselves with their neighbors America. Wherever a system is that biased to the extent of it reaching the judicial system then it is considered very racial. The Aboriginal people also have not been provided with sufficient health care system. It has been noticed that the health care system of Canada is biased and does not consider offering the Aboriginal communities with efficient health care.

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It has gone to an extent of politicians admitting that there has been a failure on the health system and thus increased signs of racial discrimination. It is a fact that health care is a basic need that one should not be deprived of. In conclusion all over Canada, there is the act of Eurocentrism that is caused by the people who originally were from Europe. It is common nature of human beings to be of support of the places they originated from hence giving enough reason for Canada to be dominated with Eurocentrism and racial discrimination. In Canada, there have been police reports of hate crimes that have been on the rise in recent times. The best way that Canada can do to reduce Eurocentrism is by changing the education system.

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