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During the European quest to colonize America, they brought with them numerous things and items that worked in their favor in establishing their superiority in the new world. Moreover, the European colonization had its effects and impacts both positively and negatively. Some of the positive effects include education, spread of new religion and learning of new language (English) among others. On the other hand negative impacts or effects included slavery, death amongst people and loss of independence by the native groups. The establishment of European supremacy in the Americas significantly shaped the course of history till date. However not every native Americas agreed to this hence they were forced in order to tore the line. The assimilated natives who agreed to this enjoyed some of the rights enjoyed by the Europeans hence the non assimilated felt the pressure of European oppression since they had no rights and their voices couldn’t be heard.

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As a result, diffusion has brought about the adaptation and wide spread of the foreign languages such as English, French, Portuguese and Spanish which are amongst the foreign languages spoken in North and South America continents till date. Different cultural practices such as festivities were and are still practiced by the people in the Americas. Moreover, the natives were also required to dress like the Europeans in order to conform to their standards. This made them have better steel, guns and germs. Their agriculture was stable with more domestic animals and very healthy and nutritious grains. This made Europe grow large in numbers and gain a great and big population compared to the Americas country. This made them develop technology (Hoffman, Philip T).

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Their animals also diverse into many species and therefore the start and growth of many epidemic diseases. The Americas country became the Centre of contamination of diseases between separate continents. With the African slaves, diseases from Africa was added to the native America people. This suppressed the America people and even more and other countries and made the Europeans more strong thus they were no match to this countries. TECHNOLOGY Europe was a technology power compared to the Americas countries. When the Europeans crossed to the new world, they brought a lot of changed doe to their advantages. The Americas were thrilled by the Europeans weapons due to their hunting nature. This made the Europeans exploit them in labor in exchange of firearms and more weapons.

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With their advanced weaponry, the Europeans were also united and focused on one goal compared to the Americas who were divided and even fought themselves more than they tried to fight their enemies (Loos, Noel). The European architecture helped them in building strong homes, ships, port and even towns. They also had the astrolabe and compass that assisted in showing direction and moving from one place to the other. The main countries that were involved in the slave trade were the British, French, Dutch empire, Spanish and the Portuguese. With the advanced architecture of the Europeans, they were able to have ships and even ports. This made it easier for trading so the slaves and the goods were able to be transported with ease.

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The compasses, enables them to find passage to wealthy cities where trade was doing good and they could also reach places with fine land and minerals where exploration was done and they found valuable items for their trade. Traders from France, Portugal and Britain began merchandising and met with a well-established trading population from Europe. Their advanced weapons, education and religion were also used to lure the Americas into trusting them. Trading was also a very strong factor that made Europe powerful and unbeatable due to their strong economy and synergy with other countries. The European conquest in the Americas has made an impact socially, economically and politically and has helped changed the course of history till date. The impact of European dominance was mainly attributed to the cause of industrial revolution in which they were the major beneficiaries from it.

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