Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models

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Again, more nursing jobs will be created, though, the acute care facility department is expected to have fewer nurses. Creation of more nursing positions is aimed at providing better health care services to diversified patients without discrimination. Healthcare industry is often subjected to changes, thus, need for nurses to comprehend the industry and embrace the changes (Kearney-Nunnery, 2015). Areas expected to experience continuous advancements and changes include nurse-managed health clinics, accountable care institutions, medical homes, continuum care. According to Hamric (2013), to achieve a mind-blowing and impressive outcome of the changes introduced, it is important that the nurses understand the significance of collaboration. Introduction of NMHCs to the society will reduce the costs of targeted populations. Since NMHCs are non-profit organizations, the increase of their federal funding for nursing would probably lead to positive implications among the medically underserved patients.

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Therefore, NHMCs are better providers of primary care (Esperat et al. In a broad perspective, medical homes hold a significant position in promoting the advancement of healthcare sectors in the United States. Carrier, Gourevitch, and Shah (2009) report that advancement of health sectors can be done through revolutionizing the way primary care is organized and delivered. The presentations above received vital and constructive feedback towards the realization and study evolving nursing practices as they transform and grow. The response, which was majorly broad-based, triggered further studies, including statistics. The responses from the presentation came from three nurses who wanted some assurances. The assurances include whether the government and the state will fund the proposed changes, whether the nursing profession choice would change during the implementation process, and whether any previous changes have advanced.

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First, undoubtedly, for any developed nation all sectors of service should develop. Another pool of career choice advocated is clinical nurse specialist (Hamric, 2013). The major responsibility of a clinical nurse specialist is exercising the diagnosing and treatment of the illness emerging in their areas of expertise. Additionally, these practitioners are tasked with the communication responsibilities. The communication covers the management, nurse management, families and patients (Sia, 2004). Besides, other nurses, in their practice, will often seek guidance from the specialists to aid them with efficiency at the workplace. This aspect, eventually, promoted timely, equitable, safe, efficient, and patient-centered mechanisms. RWJF account outlined some possible increased alterations. For example, the report recommended for constant availability of care service providers, the creation of patient's supportive environment, exploitation of nursing leadership, championing partnership and inter-professionalism, and promotion of professional behavior (Mockernut & Woodrum, 2015).

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