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it is a very rampant practice to apply to a suspect who is applying similar force to the police office officers. The use of the excessive force comes in various contexts like when handling the prisoners or even at the time of the military operations. When it entails the law enforcement, mostly during the arrest, it is referred to as the police brutality. The constitutional mandate to be freed from the excessive force is well elaborated in the reasonable search and seizure demands of the Fourth Amendments and the illegalization on the form of the unusual punishments and the Eight amendments and the cruelty. The force becomes excessive and quite illegal when the police officers proceed with the force after the suspects have already complied.

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The application of the excess force which results in beating and knocking an individual down ,the use of baton, taser or any deadly force at the hands of the police men have really caused anger in the society. The use of police force is a legal responsibility within discretion; nevertheless, the application of the force may be abused or even misused by the policemen who don’t separate between the excessive use of force and the appropriate fine line of the legal application. The excessive forces have greatly affected the communities and the police organizations due to the public humiliation and the public perception on the police. Excessive use of force should not be entertained and there are various measures that can be undertaken to assist in reducing the number of cases.

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In some of the instances, the physical force could be needed but the police officers should not be permitted to get away with the excessive force and the brutal act. Whatever the motivation plan, the police should not abuse their powers by using of the physical force against the members of the public but instead, they should act as per the constitution of the land and their professionalism. The members of the public have witnessed the case of the police officers misusing their powers especially when the unarmed individual dies at the hands of the police as a result of the impulse judgments by the police. This is a barbaric and shameful act since the police should act professionally and understand the situation when someone has decided to surrender himself/ herself, he/she should not be shot.

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Almost 7 cases in every 10 case reported of violation by 600 members of the public were considered disproportionate (66%) then 16% caused by the simple form of aggression (11%) and the harsh and inhuman and degrading development (7. 5%) (Group, 2018). The view and the use of excessive force have received a lot of attention from many people. The law enforcement, however, does not apply to the views of others. The use of excessive force applies when handling armed criminals or in military operations. In some cases, laws have been amended to suit the illegal killing whereby if the suspect is to be prevented from escape or purported some threat to the officer. The police brutality of killing by shooting mercilessly a suspect in the name of the arrest is illegal (Smith, et al 2014).

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The report was voluntarily reported by the police suggesting that the uncovered parts of the illegal acts are widespread (Cover, 2016). The application of the law should be done basing on the scales of justice. In situations where the law is applied basing on the color or race is uncalled for and unnecessary. This is a total mess on the preservation of cultures and traditions of the police since confident in them is of fate. The notion that the police will receive little persecution when he/she persecute a law is on the rise. This has been achieved through counseling. The stereotype of bad officers has culminated the officers who do their work accordingly. This view has tried to argue that the excessive force comes from individuals with individual motives that resulted from their mental status at that moment.

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And this has called for a profile of concern from the relevant field (Smith, et al 2014). A deficiency from the government in addressing some matters is also accredited to the use of excessive force. The Negotiations leading to the good relations in duty have been upheld. The assessments of the methods used to quell the excess forces have been put in check in order to monitor their effectiveness. (Porter & Prenzler, 2015). On a further extension of the address of the problems resulting from the excess use of force, officers with poor patrolling styles should be noted. With ignorance or attempt to glue to the culture of vigilance, he/she may find oneself violating one of the human rights. When different concerned parties remain alert to it, adequate measures are taken in solving the problems.

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