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As the technology grows, there is a resultant growth in the number of people grasping the benefits and those experiencing the setbacks. Globally, social media is being used in several ways and for several purposes and has provided both positive and negative outcomes to the people. Social media provides a better avenue for connectivity. Global connectivity allows worldwide connection despite the distance and the geographical location. It gives a cheaper way of connecting with the loved ones and other people overseas. Applications such as Live. Me are making the education system more convenient for they offer an opportunity for students to stream a video and give the advantage of the ability to share a video. The ability to share and stream a video is a good chance for students and teachers to share teaching materials online where students can access the materials with ease.

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In many universities and colleges, there have been e-learning portals where a student enrolls online, gets access to online reading materials and receives part or all their examinations online. Social media is a rich provider of reading materials and resources, and the resources could be provided to a class with many people by only clicking a button. Social media advertising id very efficient for there is no virtual limit to the scale in which you can advertise. Business personnel can advertise their products with ease since many people can be reached in a day without reading their blogs or typing some keywords. Business people can filter the target customers and choose the most suitable social media platform. The only challenging task of the businessman or the advertiser is identifying the social media platform which has many users and which the users are likely to interact with the paid ads (Stelzner 17).

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Social media platform sometimes work as a consultancy and helping aid. The Turkish protest was among the biggest ever experienced, and they were organized through the social media platform (Fuchs 153). Communication is very important for safety and other significant purposes. In almost all countries, the social media platform is used to broadcast the breaking news. Instead of waiting for the set time in the televisions for watching the news, the social media apps and sites give accurate and timely information and the overview of what is happening at a specific time in the country. Besides the benefits discussed above, there have been a wide range of setbacks attributed to the use of social media today. Social media sites including Facebook exposes many users (regardless of their age) to access of pornographic materials.

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Some pages and friends send a link which on clicking, the link takes you directly to a page with images of naked ladies and gentlemen who expose their private parts to capture the attention of the online user. In most cases, as one is exposed to these materials the most probable thing to follow is continue watching. These materials have extensive negative effects which range from teens involvement in teenage sex, masturbation, and sometimes others are prompted to involve in illegal activities such as rape. These unethical practices are so dangerous since they lead to corruption of mind and addiction. These features are not only attractive to the investors but also to the criminals, and this feature of social media gives them a better ground to confuse the investors and make money out of them.

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The fact that criminals will be anonymous and they will reach many people gives the criminals an advantage and a solid ground online. The fraudsters also device ways of sending spam and junk e-mail addresses to the social media users and have a way to lie to them about their great deals and how they could make money. In the social media, many idle people have engaged in cheating issues and destroy many relationships. Idling could lead many people to the social media to wrong relationships. When used in the right way, it is very helpful but when used in the wrong way it is dangerous. From the above discussion, social media have some stronger advantages than disadvantages, and hence social media is beneficial to the society.

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