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Amongst popular tourist’s destination is the National Gallery of Victoria (NVG) which is made up of two separate departments with each showcasing the most momentous collection of art in the region, that is, NGV International and NGV Australia (NGV Website, n. d. My field report will cover on various things pertaining National Gallery of Victoria, this includes: Historical background of NVG, description of the things I saw during my visit, what message does the National Gallery communicate to the visitors about the Australian history and ways of life of indigenous Australians? And finally, why NVG is one of the most visited tourist destination despite its old age? The Background of the National Gallery (NVG International and NVG Australia) The National Gallery of Victoria is the most popular and the oldest art museum in Australia.

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It was founded 1861 and opened on 24th May 1874, the same day Queen Victoria was celebrating her 55th birthday (Culture Victoria, 2016). The gallery is located in Melbourne, and it was established only after fourteen years when the City of Melbourne was recognized1. The Aboriginal rock is important to the history of Australian culture because it presents evidence which shows the continuity of Australian culture over thousands of years3. For instance, in the modern era, Australian Aborigine artists have continued to practice their traditional arts and crafts, and in the process creating a unique and unbroken record of artistic expression. Australian Impressionism happened when the work of three young painters: Tom Roberts (1856-1931), Charles Conder (1868-1909), and Arthur Streeton (1867-1943), produced a collection of little sketches, painted chiefly on the seasoned wood of cigar boxes.

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The art measurement is nine by five inches, and it was the first time a body of art appeared and therefore considered Australian. During this era, the French Impressionism movement was known by a small number of Melbourne artists, and the sales the as a result of the art managed to excite considerable curiosity and achieve a few sales over a short period4. From my visit, I was also able to learn a few things concerning the National Gallery of Victoria. For instance, the museum management offers employment opportunity to people with diverse cultural backgrounds. This was evident by the number of artists it had employed not only to make new artifacts but also to modify the old ones in a manner they will not distort the message the art is supposed to portray to the audience.

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It is only offering equal opportunities to all cultures that the NGV International has managed to produce prints and sculptures that present cultures of other people not found in Australia6. For example, the painting of a lady which represents the profile portrait of a lady represents an accomplished example of Italian Quattrocento portraiture. ” Robert’s works displayed pastoral life and work, both the meaning and spirit of strong masculine labor and the patience portrayed by the animals. With Tom Robert’s painting the cultural of celebrating rural life is depicted (Astbury, n. d. Around 1888, the Australian woman was said to be in love with fashion, and this was portrayed by Charles Conder artistic arts. During this period, Melbourne was full or recreational activities.

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To illustrate this historical occurrence, Tom Roberts came up with a complete painting to symbolize the city. The painting is referred to as “Allegro con brio, Bourke St West (National Gallery of Australia, 2014. ) Conclusion The National Gallery of Victoria is critical because it preserves the culture and heritage of Australians. The fact that admission to this world-class museum if free, it has attracted both local and international tourists with the urge of familiarizing themselves with the NGV. According to a media report posted on the NGV website, the Minister of Creative Industries in Australia stated that the museum received close to 2. Retrieved from https://www. ngv. vic. gov. au/essay/tom-robertss-shearing-the-rams-the-hidden-tradition/ Bequests, F. ngv. vic. gov. au/program/behind-the-scenes-looking-at-the-ngvs-stained-glass-ceiling/ Jones, L.

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