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World War 2 is the most destructive conflict as in involving use of nuclear and atomic weapons hence brought about adverse effects to human casualties thus imposing heavy costs incurred in industrial and economic reformations and transformations by conflicting nation states. World War 2 was the repercussion of aftermath firth world war which was basically on issues of colonialism. germany take lead of the First World War and they were forced to incur heavy reparations and the capabilities and sizes of its armed forces were limited. With the rise of Adolf Hitler power through Nazi party, he tailored towards building Germany's military capabilities with intentions of reversing losses of some of its colonies to allied forces. this triggered an onset of world war 2 when Germany invaded Poland in 1939.

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People were forced to strive of thirst and inadequate food causing high mortality rate of both adults and children due to malnutrition. The war caused increased slavery and racism. During and the aftermath of the war the African Americans faced a lot of challenges from the whites as they were forced to as slaves. Black Americans were tortured and even persecuted with no trials in case of any mistakes. For instance, the blacks who were in military forces are separated from the whites and given their training in deserts and war-prone regions. This creates a basis of why united nations often bring on board united all member states and existing unions like European union, soviet union to discuss and enact laws on limitations on production and possession of deadly nuclear weapons.

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In case of any kind of war for instance civil war country's economy is the most hit sector hence great depression. Therefore the United States’ position at the end of war was established production postwar collaborations between federal government, private sector, labor sector and dedicated parties who helped to propel a continued economic growth after the war. In addition, after the war all nations engaged in the war worked tireless to reconstruct their industries and rebuild country's major economic propellers. For instance American servicemen enjoyed other economic boost such as educational assistance given by federal government, guaranteed mortgages and small business loans via serviceman's readjustment act of 1944 by G. Many advisors on geopolitics give an opinion that scientists should shift their attention to finding possible innovations and ways to curb disasters like earthquakes, diseases rather than advancing on nuclear munitions which hold the world at stake of peace.

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In conclusion, world war 2 brought about enormous technological progress, ended fascist and racial segregation of African Americans, exclusion, and subordination within armed forces. in united states new opportunities for women, African Americans and other minorities like Mexican immigrants were created thus democratic inclusion by the federal government was enhanced. Worldwide leaders, all faiths and peacemakers are calling for peace to be guaranteed so that people live with respect and love. Therefore Soviet Union and United States which are engaging in cold war are warned to foster for means of being a communist state by coming all together into one agreement for peace and fair competition in order to prevent the likeliness of getting the world into world war 3. Kesternich, Iris, et al.

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