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To Adolf Hitler, the anti-Semitic Nazi leader, the Jewish population was an inferior race and a foreign threat to the purity of race and community of the Germans. The concentration camps were built in Poland and were Hitler’s “Final Solution” (the Holocaust) where mass murders were carried out. This analysis seeks to describe how and why the holocaust occurred. To begin with, when Adolf Hitler became the leader of the Nazis he felt that it was his obligation to bring order and harmony to Germany. According to Plato, philosopher-kings make it out of the cave and are forced back in order that they can make the entire city as happy as possible. Philosopher-kings enjoy freedom above the ground because the city enabled them by providing them with education and shaped to be philosopher-kings and then return to the den as rulers. They ought to thank and serve the city. However, the philosophers will actually want to rule since they believe that if they do not rule, the city would be less just (Plato, 6). They want order and harmony in the city and hate anything that may disrupt the city’s order and harmony and this was Hitler’s main objective. One of the best qualifications for ruling though is the reluctance to rule. A good ruler rules out of the sense of obligation and duty and not out of the desire for power and personal gain (Plato, 12). Seemingly, Hitler had been enlightened and wanted to give back to the “city” and liberate those who were in the “cave” (Nazis).

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However, just as one moves from the cave (unknowledgeable) to the upper ground (understanding), it is “not surprising to see one passing from divine contemplation to the evil state of a man” (Plato, 6). Plato advises those who rule not to be lovers of the task for “if they do so, they will increase rivalry and there will be war” (Plato, 8). Hitler declared an enemy and his supporters were ready to exterminate the enemy. Secondly, Germany had been defeated in the World War I and postwar fears played a critical role. Hitler and the Nazis and their proponents sponsored Jews persecution partly as a result of a postwar impact as Salinger Jemeiro reveals in “Teddy’s story. ” Salinger’s “Teddy” explains the effects of war. Teddy McArdle and his sister are abused and neglected by their parents because of the parents’ encounter with war.

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Teddy is aware that his parents are not really interested in them (Salinger, 169). Even Booper hates a child orphaned by war in Korea. By Salinger portraying the postwar ramifications confirms Hitler and Nazis feeling after they had lost WWI. According to Teddy, people should readjust their perspective. From Teddy’s story, it can, therefore, be concluded that the perspectives of Hitler and Nazis after WWI played a central role in the holocaust. This also proves that Holocaust, as an aftermath of WWI, was not caused by one man but also by his supporters who were aggrieved by the war. Therefore, Jews were not permitted any citizenship. In this way, the Jews were identified as the visible enemy of the Germans and Hitler used the Jews as the enemy anyone could focus his/her fear on.

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Nazis were made to believe that Jews were a problem that needed to be exterminated (6:24). They helped implement the anti-Semitic laws of Hitler. Thus, besides Hitler, the Nazis were already scornful towards others. Even today it exists and is one of the reasons for ordinary people to be against others upon orders from authority. Nazism racism was in place and race prejudice still exists (The Final Solution, 3:00). After WWI, the Nazis came home vanquished and they had to put blame on someone and this was to be the Jews. It was therefore easy for Hitler to use his subjects to persecute their perceived enemies. Also, it has been shown that if people are taught to think differently they can think differently. From the analysis, four main premises for the holocaust are identified.

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First, Adolf Hitler wanted to bring order and harmony to Germany but capitalized on false education people get. As a result, he declared the Jews as the visible enemy of the Germans. Second, Germany had just lost in the WWI and the postwar fears were at play. Third, losing the war motivated Nazis to blame others including communists and the Jews thus persecuting them. Web. Feb. McLeod, Saul. Milgram Experiment.  Simplypsychology. Feb. Plato.  Allegory Of The Cave. Los Angeles: Enhanced Media Publishing, 2017. Print.

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