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Tucker, Robert, and David said that the struggle for the independence to Britain caused a lot of negative effects on them than it did favour them (113). Their economy diminished due to the effects of having a lot of debts which they borrowed to buy weapons for the war. They would borrow another debt to pay their debts and in so doing their debts kept on recurring and never-ending. Due to these debts incurred by Great Britain, they had to increase taxes paid by the citizens so that they could use to pay for the interest. This instead led to the poor economy. In this case, the French would not have an option rather than buy the molasses from the British. The idea of increasing the tax for the French molasses did not work rather their molasses’ price decreased more.

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Leaders like Massachusetts and Patrick of Virginia started to fight for the rights of the Americans claiming that they had their rights not to pay their taxes. They claimed that the citizens needed representatives who would be eligible to tax them. In other words, they meant that people were supposed to choose for their leader who would represent them in the parliament. The main objective of this act was to impose a tax on those products which were considered luxurious to the British. The law did not affect the colonies but the Americans only and therefore only the colonies who would afford to buy the products at that time, and therefore the law did not have an impact to the Americans but the colonists only.

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The colonists were forced to boycott the products even though they could afford the luxurious products due to the high tax imposed and even went ahead to refuse to do any transaction with the British merchants (Kim et al. In the year 1768, there was a war between Great Britain and the Bostonians, and as a result, many Bostonians’ soldiers were killed by the American soldiers who are believed to be many and got more assistance from the citizens. When the Bostonians saw that the war was unstoppable, they had to leave in 1770 after the deposition of their captain Thomas Preston to Boston. The third law was known as New Quartering Act which gave the general all the rights to locate his troops and their belongings anywhere in Great Britain.

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And the last law was Administration of Justice Act which gave the administration full rights to try everyone from everywhere. In 1775, there emerged a group of people who called themselves the Minutemen and they were against all the royal officers. They engaged in a war with the Americans, and as a result, they were surrounded by the American army, and also the American citizens were involved, and they all surrounded them ready to fight. Thinking that the group would surrender, one of them fired the gun, and they started shooting at each other, and as a result, eight Americans were killed in the incidence, and several more were wounded.  Agents and merchants: British colonial policy and the origins of the American Revolution, 1763-1775.

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