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Forensic evidence is paramount in solving major cases. Investigations are done by forensic scientists in collaboration with federal authority and police officers. These scientists follow the legal standards provided in the solution to crime. Forensic scientists collect the evidence found in a particular crime scene, store it in specialized laboratories and finally carry out an analysis to determine the information within the collected sample. In most cases, forensic scientists sometimes collect evidence from the crime scene but the analysis is carried out by other people in the laboratories. The research looks into Criminal Minds a fabricated movie based on the American police investigations. Criminal Minds is created by its producer (Jeff Davis). the series employs the use of forensics in solving crime scenes encompassed by thrilling action and drama.

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This show reveals the life of forensic scientists and police officers in their bid to solve crime using science. A group of scientists team up with the federal bureau of investigation (FBI) so as to arrest criminals. The episode is made interesting by the fact that the apparent killer is involved in all investigative work. In his capacity as the sheriff’s son, the killer is able to twist all the forensic evidence to ensure that the investigative team found the wrong evidence. The killer uses his knowledge gained after reading books. He manipulated the crime scenes to look like the killings were carried out by a religious cult. The episode ends dramatically with the killer being taken away by police officers after all evidence pointed toward him.

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The forensic and investigative team is able to solve all the crimes in the show. In the real police life, less than half of all crimes are solved. Even if the crimes are solved in real life, it takes a longer time than the few minutes insinuated in the show. The presence of forensic evidence such as fingerprints, blood, hair and saliva is far from the truth. The exaggeration is entertaining but totally impracticable. The society is also characterized by constant loss of public resources in white elephant projects and political criminals. There is unending oppression of the marginalized citizens by those in leadership positions. Envelopment of common land lead to grabbing of public resources allocated for use by the public.

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