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Gang violence, therefore, refers to non-political and criminal activities committed by a group of people who engage in criminal activity against innocent people ("Gang Violence Law and Legal Definition | Uslegal, Inc. Gang violence had brought fear and violence in the community as well as drug trafficking and the destruction of property in the society. In most cases, gangs are organized around ethnic groups, race, age or territory. Gangs give a false sense of belonging to young men and women, which makes them plead allegiance and maintain illegal activity. These gangs have driven young teenagers from their homes into the bounds of illegal activity ("Gang Violence Law And Legal Definition | Uslegal, Inc. Statistics also present that gangs cut across all ethnic groups.

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Therefore, it goes without saying that gang violence is a serious issue that requires immediate attention and solutions as well. Causes As mentioned earlier, the rate of gang violence constantly increased in the recent past. It is evident that the question to deal with in such a case would be what causes gang violence. Statistics have presented that larger percentages of gang members are youths and adults. The family is also another social aspect that could lead to gang violence. In this case, people who lack family guidance or face difficult family relations are likely to join gangs. Young people from such families, especially those experiencing neglect and abuse are likely to find solace in gang violence (Howell). Therefore, the family could have an impact on causing gang violence.

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Individual factors could also lead to gang violence. Gang violence has increased the rate of school dropouts because people will view gang violence as a quick solution to money problems instead of getting an education and eventually a decent job ("Adverse Effects | Youth. Gov"). Gang violence has increased the rate of crime in society as well as the use of drugs. It has also led to a high rate of juvenile conviction and incarceration as well ("Adverse Effects | Youth. Gov"). Solutions It is evident that gang violence has indeed cost the nations not only the loves of many people but also in terms of funds. It goes without saying that gang violence has caused significant damage to the society, especially to the youth.

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