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All these have been able due to the impacting of knowledge to the people. Various aspects have developed within the education sector and which have a great impact to how the access to the knowledge takes shape. Gender aspect is one of the kind that has been found in education. Gender defines the sex characteristics of any person in relation to either being a male or a female. Gender identifies the sex resemblance of an individual and offers to have a contributing factor in their behavior or way of doing things other than what we believe is supposed to happen. Further studies provided to induct the occurrence of male domination into the education sector is referenced from their capability and perception of the space they occupy within the society.

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According to Begley Sharon, on “Anything Boys Can Do…. ,” it is that there is male domination in almost all levels of studies even though some doing very well in certain sectors as well as doing average in other areas. It continues to suggest that women seem to account for an average performance in all sectors of the education which cannot be articulated to be the ideal provision of what needs to happen. In this manner of revelation, the application for men domination of sectors even where a majority number is stumbling like in mathematics takes on the formality of their confidence and perception of being able to do anything. The gender variance is one of the reasons that there are differences in the ability of people.

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The composition and capacity of males differ to that of females in a bigger way and to which makes it abundantly clear the existence of difference in school work. There are some areas that boys scored better than their female counterparts while in others the girls did better than boys. In all this revelation, it is clear that the application in performance is as a result of different abilities assigned in accordance with their sex characteristics and which entirely gives them an advantage over the other party when exposed to such fields. The environment is a contributor to the reaction of any person and how they behave. According to the materials written, gender differences seem to have a deeper definition and reason as to why things tend to be shaped in that manner in the school setting for both male and females.

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