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The technology companies have also expanded their operations so that they have developed devices used by these generations for almost all activities. The dependence on technology is not only exhibited in individuals but corporations. Many organizations have implemented technology in their operations which has changed the nature of the workforce. Joel Stein presents his claims based on his findings where he argues that the present generation comprises of lazy people. However, it is not about the generation being lazy. However, this is not the case; proper use of technology has positive impacts on individuals and the world at large. Failure to recognize the importance of technology implies that many people in the society do not recognize some of the forces behind successful operations in companies both private and public.

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Joel Stein argues that millennials have grown at a time when they did not have to struggle to do a lot of things manually. For example, he states that growing with the presence of computers, the millennials did not have to engage their brains in doing many calculations like it was in the past. Despite his claims, it is important to understand that the introduction of technology added to human understanding and did not make the generations ineffective in any way. The traditional generations were not privileged with technology so that they could not use it as it was unavailable. Technology during their time was not as advanced as it is today. If the present day technology was available during the previous generations, the situation would be the same as it is an efficient and effective mechanism of communicating, interacting and sharing around the globe.

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