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The plants develop resistance to unfavorable temperatures and produce higher yields. In addition, GMOs is able to offer a great genetic diversity in different environments where the climatic conditions limits the productivity (Harrisons et al. The GMO crops through modification increases the nutritional value of crops that may naturally lack necessary vitamins and nutrients (Harrisons et al. It increases the nutrition and flavor to the crops. Of significance, the GMO crops benefits the malnourished population as they are able to receive more nutrients to their diets (Harrisons et al). Additionally, a small parcel of land can be used to grow more or different GMO crops. Cons of Genetically Modified Organisms Genetically Modified Organisms can be harmful to some insects that plays a significant roles to our ecosystem (Harrisons et al).

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This comes about due to the fact that new genes of crops can be dangerous to some insects for example butterflies which causes no harm to the crops. According to some critics, Genetically Modified organisms can result in some particular kind of illnesses or diseases (Harrisons et al). Genetically Modified Crops can cause damage to our environment. When other plants are exposed to these pollen grains, cross pollination occurs. Essentially, when the GMOs escapes into the wild forests, it may lead to development of resistant weed which are impossible to kill (Harrisons et al). Some Genetically Modified foods have the features of antibiotics within them (Harrisons et al. As a result, they become immune to the diseased in the body. The antibiotic makers therefore become persistent in our bodies thus rendering the actual antibiotic medications less effective.

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People should adopt diverse agro-ecological systems that will be of support to diversity and sustainability. The fact that hybrid seeds cannot be planted from year to year like the traditional seeds because they lose their vigor is a merit for discontinuation of GMO use (Harrisons et al). The use of GMOs requires that the farmers follow technology agreement which is dictated by the seed companies. These agreements are hectic as compared to the use of indigenous seeds. Additionally, the GM foods cause diseases to the human health thus should be discouraged. These deaths normally occurs because many poor people cannot afford the heating systems in their houses during the cold winters. Increase in temperatures therefore makes it easier to survive in such environments which experiences cold winters (Seinfeld and Pandis).

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The melting in the arctic has led to the establishment of an ice free Northwestern passage. Consequently, it has made it possible for shipping shortcut between the pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. The melting results due to the temperature rise in the regions (Seinfeld and Pandis). They move from the equatorial regions towards the poles. With continuous climate change some species of animals and plants which cannot survive in regions which experience high temperatures may end up becoming extinct (Seinfeld and Pandis). Warmer temperatures which results from climatic change will also result in the expansion of the range of many disease causing organisms that were once confined to the tropical and the sub-tropical areas (Seinfeld and Pandis). Consequently, many plants and animal species who were formerly protected from the diseases will die leading to reduction in population and ultimately extinction.

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Furthermore, climate change contributes to the increase in mosquito borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. It makes it possible to access the natural oil and gas that we are not able to access with our other traditional methods (Williams et al. Consequently, gas has become cheaper due to its abundance. The access to large a gas has made it possible for people to warm their houses at cheaper cost while oil still strive to command extortionate prices (Williams et al). Of importance, hydraulic fracturing has resulted in both direct and indirect economic impacts (Williams et al. Due to increased production of natural gas, there has been improvement in balance of trade between the producing countries and other consumer countries.

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