Intergovernmental Relations and how it Relates to Women Summary

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Difficulties encountered by women have also been put into consideration and the possible solutions that can be implemented in order to solve those problems. Intergovernmental Relations and How It Relates to Women Intergovernmental relations involve the interaction of institutions at national, provincial and at the local level. Intergovernmental relations are necessary to ensure an integral system of government. Intergovernmental relations necessitates the coordination, cooperation and decision making processes. This puts the administrations on their toes to ensure their relationships promote effective cooperation. This will enable them to get equal chances when it comes to leadership and decision making process. Women with disabilities tend to face problems such as lack of education, discrimination in employment as well as lack of basic housing facilities.

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To address all these issues, an interaction of institutions that have common goals and desire to help them out ought to intervene. Gender equality is a goal that has been embraced by governments and international relations as a result of intergovernmental relations. Initially, there was inequality between man and women. The enrollment for girls and women in school is seen to be increasing more than that of men and boys. In the United Kingdom, the legislation is against discrimination based on sex. Anyone has a right to study a subject of their choice without being denied the chance. Curriculum varies from one nation to another but ensures that boys and girls are taught a range of subjects that were traditionally seen as either masculine or feminine.

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Women with disability are also provided with special needs education where they gain skills and knowledge and later get employed and are able to be of significance in the society through the services that they are able to offer. Women with disability are also elected to represent people with disability in parliament. Women and Equality Select Committee is a mechanism used in Westminster to promote women's equality into legislation. Women's Equality Party, founded in 2015, was the first party to be formed in the United Kingdom with the purpose of ensuring women equality is achieved. Women participation in political sector is essential for its diversity of perspectives it has brought in decision making. Women are seen to be peacemakers, and this has contributed highly to peaceful coexistence.

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Women who work in the informal sector have less access to social protection compared to women insecure employment regarding maternity protection and pensions. According to "Disability and Women in Ireland," (2008), access to electricity, food, water, and childcare provision has been made easy by developed infrastructure and facilities reducing the time required for domestic chores giving women an opportunity to participate in the labor market. A minimum wage rate has also been placed to protect women from underpayment. Women entrepreneurship has been encouraged through legislative and policies made, and many women are now seen to be successful entrepreneurs with great ideas that help in the growth of the economy. Despite the intergovernmental relation's positive influence to women empowerment, the equality agenda has not yet been fully achieved.

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More efforts are required in creating awareness on equality because some places have not yet embraced women as powerful as men are considered to be. Women are not able to attain same political positions like men in the parliament throughout the world. Priorities from national, regional and even local levels are made without the consent of women. Despite the constitutional rights that provide equality between men and women, women are denied equal rights to land, inheritance, security and employment opportunities. In many countries, distribution of workers in the manufacturing sector is not done equally as men are mainly placed in the formal sectors whereas women are meant to work in the informal sector. Values and standards taught in institutions help in shaping the characters and change of gender perspectives among the students.

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Through inter-governmental relations, women can get their rightful identity as being capable handling tasks similar to those of men (Grace, 2011). In conclusion, many countries with the federal system of government have empowered women and experience a huge improvement in the political, economic and social sector. Women have been able to get education thus become literate which has enabled them to get employment opportunities that help their ends meet. More efforts should, therefore, be put in place to ensure that equality has been achieved by formulating more policies that give women more chances and opportunities as those of men. Retrieved 3 April 2018, from https://www. britishcouncil. org/sites/de Gender mainstreaming overview. Un. org. pdf United Nations. Situation of women and girls with disabilities and the Status of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Optional Protocol thereto (pp.

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