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Globalisation, on the other hand, seeks to understand and explain the interconnections found in the modern civilisation while trying to the explanation of factors for these connections. Globalisation seeks to know the speed of globalism, and the changes of globalism, that is an increase or decrease of globalism at different times. Therefore globalism is the network of connections while globalisation is the speed or the changes of globalism (Reysen & Miller, 2013). Economists view Globalisation as the process of delocalisation or scattering of manufacturing company across the globe characterised by the anonymous expansion of the multinational company in investing in a foreign world. While some view globalisation as increased exploitation in the world as other sees it as a form of exploitation by the powerful nations.

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The global citizen view on the company’s image is an important aspect to be considered by the companies while conducting their businesses, hence global citizens have a lot of impact on businesses. Disagreement between theorists on Global Citizenship Reysen and Miller (2013), notes that the disagreement about global citizenship is seen because different theorists base their arguments from various disciplines. For example, theorists in philosophy may base their definition of morals and ethics while those in education while defining global citizenship may highlight mainly the awareness brought globally by this citizenship. Global citizenship can be defined as a proper understanding and awareness of the globe and the effort to make it a better place to live in (Reysen & Miller, 2013). Two outstanding benefits of global citizenship Intergroup empathy is a crucial benefit of global citizenship as citizens from different countries are able to empathise with each other in different situations where empathy is called for.

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