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Several claims which are beneficial have been continued to be used as an expansion of the genetically modified food is provided by the developers of the entire processes. Many industries have some of their claims based on food that is supplied being modified (Bain et al, 806). For example, they claim that GMO crops are primarily the expansion of the natural way a plant interacts to produce new variations as well as the process not creating risks to human health. It is also counterclaimed that GMOs have a significant capability to cause human health damages because they contain potent allergens with the presence of fertilizers and preservatives that are used as plants are being grown (Ragland et al, 45). In the world of today, there are expanded interests based on examinations for those claims of producers from genetically modified food as well understanding both long and short-term effects on food supply.

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They claim that they are resistant to diseases, help many human suffering based on famine, producing higher yields as well as improving nutritious foods but all that mentioned has been confirmed to be untrue for the scientist has given a full report (Pérez-Torrado et al, 7). There also some claims from several articles in that these GMOs don't offer any of the climate change, are very demanding regarding energy, unlike the non-GMOs. There is entirely no need of taking crops with GMO when there are plenty of practical, readily available and very sustainable solutions existing in the globe. However, non-GMOs will continue to conventionally breed plants those that can outperform the GM based on the production of high yields, pest-resistant plants, and drought tolerant as they can meet our future and current needs.

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People argue that because they are surplus from genetically modified organism crops, and more readily hence are cheaper compared with non-GMO not considering the impacts that they pause on someone's body. To counter such a claim, these are only temporary measures but not the fundamental solutions based on nutritional improvements in foods and medical benefits (Bain et al, 805). A lot of studies bear several testimonies based on the dangerousness. It is known that those transgenic crops have primary destroyed our environment and those non-GMO crops with their industries makes it very difficult through the contamination of organic foods. It is on record that GMO crops always have led to severe risks based on the ecology in 2000 because these crops have killed beneficial insects as well as producing toxic to the plants as they are growing.

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