Grandmother Wongs New Year Blessing Analysis

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In the process of searching for a better life, these communities experience a lot of challenges such as racial prejudice, living in dangerous neighborhoods, poverty, emotional turmoil, and language barrier, the risk of disease infection, and lack of education. What keeps them going is the hope that the generations to come would not pass through what they have. They cling to whatever little culture and belief that they brought with them from their countries of origin. Martial arts, religion, and food are the main beliefs and cultures that are present among the minority communities. Creation of a Community During their journey to visit friends for the holiday, the girl’s grandmother mentions black town. ’ While Moonie and Mei Ling’s parents struggle to give them a better life, they have no time to be with them.

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Senora Wong steps in to babysit the girls. Senora would teach them the virtue of respect and encourage them to work hard in school so as to get a good job. The African community is also represented in the story through an old Sudanese woman named Mrs. Faith. Mei’s grandmother prays to God not to let Mrs. Faith grandson Bobo end up being a gangster. Similarly, Mrs. Faith prays that Mei Ling and Moonie do not end up becoming strippers. The old ladies are linked by the fact that they are minority group grappling with various problems. Mrs. Goldstein is left taking care of her grandson Benny who is disturbed mainly because his father does not pay attention to him.

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