Gun Control Policy in America with a Global Comparison

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S. government needs to directly control the distribution of guns. This has been a difficult issue to overcome because, throughout this country's history, there has been a definite split between liberals and conservatives on the issue of gun laws. American conservatives fully support and enforce our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and believe that if guns were available to more people, that gun violence would decrease. On the other hand, liberals would like to see a stricter gun control policy and fewer guns in the country, because they believe it will correlate with less gun violence and mass shootings. An additional reasoning behind the right given to bear arms was to prevent America from needing a standing army. Although it may be hard to think about that being a concern of America in today’s world, in the 18th • Baltzell,​ George W.

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"Constitution of the United States - We the People. " Constitution for the United States - We the People. Accessed April 24, 2018. In Dowding’s article he states that “in order to be secure, a society needed to be able to defend itself; to be free, it could not exist merely at the whim of a standing army and its generals; the only way to be both free and secure way for its citizens to be armed, organized, and ready to defend their society; the difference between a standing army or a free nation”5. • Haynes​ V (2016) Gun Control in the United States. J Pol Sci Pub Aff 4:206. doi:10. 1000206 5 DOWDING,​ K. S. Gun Policy: Global Comparisons. " Council on Foreign Relations. Accessed April 24, 2018. https://www.

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Instead, the chambers have been busy with liberalizing secrete laws that favor them and their close allies. Despite all these drawbacks, few states have made a step towards restricting the advertisement of firearms in magazines. The history of gun restrictions in the US has maintained a regular pattern. During the early 1900s, several states enacted policies which restricted gun ownership. However, this move was overlooked by the participating states. Factors which favor UK current condition are its strict firearms regulations. Any person in the UK in possession of a firearm is required by law to have a certificate for the same. The law restricts individuals from owning machines such as semi-atomic, and machines guns. Additionally, individuals are not allowed to own guns that are 30 CM long.

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Furthermore, UK government only allows its people to freely own shotguns and manually cartridge pistols, this according to Section I of Firearms Act. Statistically, guns ownership is at a rate of 15 to every 100 people (15:100). Following the 1996 killings at Port 2Tasmania which claimed the lives of 35 tourists, made the government to initiate an overhaul of firearms regulations. Similar to Canada, the legislations put in place in Australia only allows one to own a gun after successfully passing the background examination. To foster the aforenoted, the government developed a program where civilians were allowed to report cases of illegal gun ownership at a price. This move saw the government collecting around to 600,000 illegal ammunitions. In the US, gun politics have been a very controversial topic as the debate are approached from all angles by different groups, particularly those who formulate policies and those in power.

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It is always nearly impossible for these groups to settle on one issue, due to different interpretation of legislations and pending court matters linked to firearms, moreover, the impacts of restriction on public security. The aforenoted discussions are characterized by features stipulated in the second Amendment, the right to own guns as well as the responsibility of US government to meet the basic requirements of its citizens. People who support the notion of gun control argues that, unrestricted firearm ownership hampers the routinize role of the government thus raising security concerns. Furthermore, the point of gun ownership is only supported on the grounds of self-defense, and sporting exercises, otherwise they hold that advocating for gun control will help create a conducive and safer community.

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