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In fact, this play could have been more accurately named, Hamlet, the over-thinker and procrastinator of Denmark rather than tragedy Hamlet, Prince of Denmark because Hamlet spends the entire time thinking and not taking any actions. His huge intellectual ability undermines his capacity to act, more often than not, it prevents him from acting. Similarly, Polonius exhibits the same flaw of overthinking which leads him into making false conclusions throughout the play. Other characters in the tragedy Hamlet such as Laertes and Gertrude act on impulse rather than reason and in the event impacting on the downfall of the play. However, Fortinbras and Claudius seem to be the only characters in the play who make strategic plans which enable them to accomplish their missions.

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This statement reveals Hamlet imaginations that killing Claudius while he is praying will definitely take him to heaven which is contrary to his wish. Hamlet in this situation has the chance to revenge the death of his father but fails because he overthinks everything. Similar, Polonius seems to be an overthinker because throughout the play he keeps on making false conclusions. He does not accept facts and this trait is seen in his declaration “I have found / the very cause of Hamlet’s lunacy” (2. Since he overthinks, Polonius insists on seeking the truth concerning Hamlet’s madness on his own and in the event ends up being mistakenly killed by Hamlet resulting in his downfall. Also, Gertrude lacks the ability to critically examine her situations but rather seems to move impulsively towards ostensibly safe choices just as she instantly returns to Claudius after having a confrontation with Hamlet.

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Contrary to the characters who overthink and act on impulse, Fortinbras and Claudius emerge to be the actors in the play who strategically plan and act without reason. As a result, these two characters get to accomplish their missions. Fortinbras, the young prince of Norway intends to avenge his father’s honor by attacking Denmark. He is portrayed as an energetic soldier and a leader with clear intentions observed from the manner in which he can quickly assemble his men to attack Poland. Hamlet's natural flaw of overanalyzing situations and drawing false conclusions just as Polonius leads both to their downfall. Laertes and Gertrude out of their impulsive behaviors end up making uncalculated moves that initiate the catastrophic events that come their way.

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