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Despite majority of the Victorians are associated with good health and wellbeing, it does not apply to everyone. This assignment is tasked to first provide an overview description of the general plan providing the basic determinants of health such as social, biological and environmental determinants. Moreover, these determinants will be further used in explaining how they influence the vulnerable group identified in the plan. With no doubt, this paper will give detailed discussion on priority area and a group at risk. The three determinants of health including social, biological and environmental will be effectively analyzed. Eventually, the effectiveness of this plan will be determined by the ability of the Victorians to incorporate these determinants to their day-to-day lives without any disparities.

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Description of One Priority Area and One-At-Risk Group Definitely, healthier eating and active living is the priority area discussed in this section with conjunction with adults as the risk group. This priority area majorly focuses on promoting the best dietary and creating measures to support good food settings. It aims at providing a nutritious food and increasing the supply of food purposely to enhance health and wellbeing of the Victorians. Unfortunately, excess consumption of food leads to the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancers of specific body organs. In this section of the assignment, it will discuss the interrelationships between the determinants of health and the priority area and the corresponding effects on the risk group selected. Healthier eating and active living is determined by the three determinants of health.

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First, this assignment focuses on the social determinant of health. Education is one of the determinants of health that is discussed in this section of the plan. It begins during childhood and aims at achieving the best educational attainment which seems to be a crucial social goal to every individual. In the contemporary societies, different kinds of biological agents are associated with in a vast ranges of working premises. These agents have the capability of causing various health effects especially in humans. Under the biological determinants, sex is the main core of discussion as illustrated by evidences herein. Sex has many linkage between the focused area and the at-risk-group. In contrast, women and men have different life and health expectations and experiences as a result of their diverse range of physiological, biological and social daily experiences.

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These effects are manifested especially on adults who are the risk group. The respiratory complications may as well be triggered by the impact of the ozone layer. On the other hand, climate changes have also led to the occurrence of natural weather-related disasters which results to lose of many lives. Some of the climatic changes contribute strongly to the prevalence of some communicable diseases especially the waterborne diseases which are transmitted using gents such as snails, insects among others. They also alter the transmission seasons of the diseases and their respective geographic range (Lowe et al. , Browne, J. , Walker, R. , Helson, C. , Atkinson, P. & Palermo, C.  Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 30(2), 276-280. Cheng, I. H. , McBride, J. , Decker, M. The high life: A policy audit of apartment design guidelines and their potential to promote residents' health and wellbeing.

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