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It is common when the same brand produced by an organization is used on most of the parts of the world. Moreover, global brands refer to products or services that are consumed internationally and are sold in many countries. Some of the standard global brands include Apple, PayPal, hp, MasterCard, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Nike and many others (Czinkota and Ronkainen, 2013). This paper thus seeks to discuss HP brand as an international brand where it will consider its markets and competitors and chose three markets and analyzed the extent to which the markets have adopted the brand using the 4ps. The paper will also discuss the strategies used by the brand to promote its internationalism program. Moreover, everything today seems to be computerized form learning, healthcare, and other services which were done traditionally.

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Introduction of computers has therefore transformed a lot of systems form traditional to modern. Competitors There are a lot of competitors who are highly competing in the production of IT hardware and software. Some of the familiar competitors include Lenovo, Apple, Dell, Asus, Acer, Sony, IBM and Toshiba (Bhasin, 2018). The competitors such as Lenovo which is a Chinese multinational technology has challenged HP in several ways as it stands out as a specialized manufacturer of computer software and hardware. USA Market The United States which is regarded to be one of the most developed countries has depended significantly on technology in many operations and factors surrounding its development. HP headquarters are based in one of the US countries which makes the state a direct market for its products.

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There are also many factors which have facilitated the marketability of HP products in the United States ranging from economic, political, social, cultural and environmental. Being a high tech country, it is regarded to be a great consumer of technology and hardware and software which are used to run the technology operations in the country. The marketing mix can also be used to determine the extent to which the HP brand is adapted in the United States. • The prices are also competitive enough and range according to the performance of the products or the features which make the products unique. Such as core i3, i5, and i7 PCs have different prices. • It has also designed its products to fit the customer needs and preferences including price and product features which are the determinants of consumer decisions.

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• It has also incorporated a pricing scheme known as the First-in-pay-per use. The pricing strategy was issued on customers who required them to pay only for the time they have used its services. China China is another potential market for HP products where it has a large consumer base. There are many organizations which consider using HP products including educational systems, healthcare and small and big business enterprises. Some of the hp operations in China include sales, service units, research and development, and manufacturing. Product • HP in China has led the production of products such as data storage devices, personal computers, and printers, networking equipment and software. • The CHP has led the production of new products characterized by advanced technology which attracts a huge, market.

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• HP Company in China also uses a lot of internet blogs and other marketing techniques such as SEO and SEM to market its products. • It also has a website where all of its products and brand options are described ad displayed for consumers to learn about its products. Japan Japan is also another country which as one of the HP organization well established in it. The HP Japan participates in operations such as manufacturing, importation, sales, and lease. The HP Company in Japan was built in 1993 and is based in Tokyo Japan. • There are some retailers and online marketers which facilitate the sales of the products in the Japanese market. Promotion • The company used social media to promote its brand in the market and create its awareness • It also uses affiliate marketing methods whereby it partners with other advertising companies to market and strengthens its brand in the market.

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• The company also has employed a lot of internet marketing strategies such as SEO and SEM which facilitate the movement of its products in the market. Brand promotion strategies Social media has ventured into the use of internet marketing which has led to a significant increase in its sales over the past decade. Some of the internet platforms it uses include social media, SEO and SEM alongside affiliate marketing (Ramahi, 2011). The company also uses a lot of social media marketing strategies to market its brand globally. It has created a lot of content which is trending in social media platforms such as Facebook (. S, 2017). The HP Company has also ventured into google advertisement whereby its ads are seen by many Google users such as in YouTube, chrome and other websites log in to the google sites.

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