Honesty on Plagiarism

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Failing to acknowledge such work can make your work to be plagiarized. It is therefore necessary to acknowledge other people’s work or idea whenever we have used them to confirm that the idea written in the paper does not come from our own thinking but rather from another person’s thinking. These ideas or data can come from the published text, books, journals, or other student’s work. To maintain academic honesty, people in the academic world must consider what they are doing carefully and must correctly cite and acknowledge what the ideas of others in case they have used them in their work. Being academically dishonest is possible more especially if the person does not realize that what they were doing was not honest.

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Honestly can elevate students to higher learning and lead them to greater achievement in life. It is therefore important to maintain academic rules and honesty in the presence of students since being dishonest can degrade the full essence of learning among the students. Honesty will show the ideal image of that student regarding academic writing and what they are capable of doing in the academic field. Although honesty is required, it has been neglected in most of the schools. The value of honesty has soon been ignored by the education sector as far as students learning, training and their education are concerned. A person who is known in the society to have acquired their paper in a very dishonest way cannot be appointed to lead in any forum since they community knows very well their capabilities thus the person is seen as someone who is very irresponsible.

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Honesty is, therefore, a virtue that should be installed in students in any institution across the globe, and this will lay the foundation for students and make them have a brighter future. Dishonesty can hinder a person from attaining the academic goals they went to achieve in learning institutions. When a student has gone to any institution to learn, it is their responsibility to do their best to accomplish the goals they desired. Lack of integrity and dishonesty will only paint a fake image of a person, and their capability will not be realized. In most cases, a person who has cheated will lose conscious to the extent that they will not realize the implication and to which extent they have misconducted themselves.

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The effect of dishonesty will, however, come up if that person has failed to succeed as he or she was expected to by the society and the person can live with guilt for their entire life. Dishonesty can in the end not be a problem but rather the results that come with being dishonest. Guilt can destroy a student due to the self-destructive thought that comes with it. Honesty should, therefore, be enhanced in schools to help in fulfilling life goals of students. Students should, therefore, do their research independently. If the students apply the system of doing their research, then most of the graduates from institutions will be a highly qualified individual. Secondly, the students should avoid hiring or allowing another person to do the assignment for them.

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There is a lot of research that is involved when someone is doing the assignment. If the student has allowed a person to do an assignment for them, then it will only mean that the person who will benefit more will be the one who has done the assignment. Additionally, if they copy a word by word of another person’s work they should use proper quotation. When students have copied word by word on another person’s work, then it is advisable for them to use the proper quotation in quoting the words of that person (Wiwanitkit 3). Students should also avoid paraphrasing too closely to the extent that they make only small changes to the sentence. The students should not practice crooked work where they change synonyms of words or inverting of the sentence.

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