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In effect, such businesses experience improved booking rates due to customer loyalty and a reputable brand as perceived in the entire market. From the foregoing, it becomes necessary for a manager to streamline hotel's operations through three distinct dimensions namely; staff performance, availability of materials and the effectiveness of physical facilities. Additionally, operations can be monitored through rigorous analysis of measurement tools such as SERVQUAL, LODGSERV, and INTERSERVQUAL. Overview of Business In this report, a comprehensive report is compiled in relation to the observed hotel operations at InterContinental Wellington, New Zealand in which the researcher had practiced briefly during the semester holidays. To begin with, it is essential to acknowledge that InterContinental Wellington is a subsidiary of the parent company InterContinental Hotels & Resorts headquartered in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom (InterContinental, 2018).

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The Hotel provides fast and efficient concierge service and 24 hours services available on every floor. With a team of well-trained staff, customers have stated comfortable stay and unique experience during their stay at InterContinental Wellington. Within the Australian market, the InterContinental Hotel remains competitive owing to its international brand reputation. The hotel receives many recommendations and referrals from travel advisors and tourism agents because it is a globally recognized establishment. Therefore, it can be stated that InterContinental Wellington is one of the top hotels in terms of market share and service delivery. These amazing offers help in achieving comfort and satisfaction of customers who are not familiar with the city. Additionally, the hotel provides parking facilities, safety deposit boxes and a business centre.

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Thus it proves to be an exciting experience being accommodated at InterContinental Wellington because it is a one-stop shop for all the services that a traveler may require. For body relaxations and grooming, the hotel provides professional spa services and barber shops from where clients can acquire a new look before checking out on their final day. Dining and entertainment is abundant, depending on the customers' preferences. Lastly, the hotel's physical evidence is supported by the unique corporate branding that represents the unique identity of the establishment. Another significant consideration is the implication of customers' choices. From research, it has been established that customers' needs are constantly changing, thus it requires a greater input of the organization's management to ensure all the changes are taken care of (Kim, 2008).

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For instance, customers who were once loyal to a particular company may suddenly change their affiliation and start purchasing from a competitor. Also, a business can realize a reduction in revenue when customers reduce their expenditures even though service delivery is maintained at a reasonable level. Further inconsistencies and failure to impress usually result in suspension or permanent termination of the employment contract. Another important corporate consideration is the offstage employees' actions. At InterContinental Wellington, the company maintains that its employees should observe holistic practices outside their workplace because they represent the company's brand. Any activity or behavior that is restricted at the workplace should also be abolished by employees during their free time. Even though there might not be a restrictive follow-up procedure, the consequences may be dire if they management eventually realizes of the misdeeds (Melton & Hartline, 2010).

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Firstly, the researcher observed that most of the operations at InterContinental are based in major urban centers, specifically capital cities. This policy has created a negative impression among the middle class and low-income earners. Some of the members of the society have turned against the hotel's operation principles thus damaging the firm's reputation, as compared to its competitors whose presence are visible across the country. Secondly, InterContinental Wellington is very strict on the international operation policies formulated at its UK headquarters. Some of these regulations might be conflicting with the economic policies of the host country thus limiting its revenue (Hankinson, 2010). It was also observed that customers could choose the number of days for which they could stay at the hotel.

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Additionally, the management did not quantify on the aspect of work covered by the room attendants whenever customized services were required. Customer and Employee Roles In any business set up like the InterContinental Wellington, there are distinctive roles of both the employer and customers. While the employer is the business owner and service provider, customers consist of any person who is interested in obtaining the services of the company. the customer composition can be indefinite because it also comprises a greater proportion who have never been to the premises but are willing to. Additionally, the hotel provides modern facilities, accommodation and hotel services that make it one of the most prosperous establishments in Wellington. From the analysis of the observations and experience gained during the holiday practice, it can be concluded that InterContinental Wellington provides some of the best services as compared to its competitors within the city.

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